Aug 15 2015

“You’re probably thinking ‘Did he fire 6 light arrows or only 5?’ Well you just gotta answer one question, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well do ya, punk?

Aug 11 2015

Most stalls have a coathook. Just make sure your kid is wearing pants with belt loops.

Aug 7 2015

Renaud is actually pretty famous in the French speaking world for his softball exploits, but not nearly as famous as his brother Abandon.

Jul 6 2015

Peter Berg was Dexter Rutecki in the classic ski movie Aspen Extreme. Respect.

Jul 4 2015

The hottest new thing in Moniga del Garda is La Scaletta. It has everything. Waiters that whisper the specials breathlessly in your ear, pizza cubes, chairs made of shitty tippers, entitlement cocktails, lamps that look like upside-down boobs, ice with messages inside about everything you did wrong in your childhood,

Jun 17 2015

Great series by the Warriors. Anyone giving James shit at this point is either being stupid or obstinate; dude carried a bare-bones team to a six game series against a historically great squad. If the Cavs are healthy next season, they’ll be right back in the Finals.

Jun 13 2015

A Canadian and longtime CFL fan here (a Bc Lions season ticketholder in fact. I wholeheartedly approve of this comment.
We can say we’re sorry for Nickelback, but I understand if we can never be forgiven for it.

Jun 13 2015

Maybe they moved him to linebacker, and when he asked which one, they confused him by saying, “Play the Will, Mike Sam.”

Jun 13 2015

Reports out of Alouettes training camp say that Michael Sam was having a hard time adjusting to his role in the 12-man CFL defensive scheme, where teams generally employ a fifth defensive back. Read more