Aug 12 2016

Jalopnik is better than most at that sort of thing, but I wasn’t brainwashed enough at the time to take advantage. Read more

Aug 12 2016

The list was equal opportunity even if historically the jobs weren’t. It was not a list of the best white men who have designed cars. It was of the best car designers. That a black woman was never afforded the opportunity to be a high enough profile car designer is not a fault of the list. The list is as objective as Read more

Aug 12 2016

The other issue is that the list is all white dudes. Yes, car design is unfortunately still dominated by white dudes—though that’s changing—but I wish I had used this platform to highlight the good work of some women and/or people of color too. Jalopnik is better than most at that sort of thing, but I wasn’t hip Read more

Jun 24 2016

Way to inject some personal, non-relevant political opinion into a story on a car site, Raph! Good job. Now that you have that out of the way, maybe you could start proofreading and editing stories instead of just pushing “publish” on typo-ridden content.

Jun 11 2016

There’s also the Mustang Cobra Jet, a HORSE-SNAKE-PLANE thing.

Jun 10 2016

Why fuck Hogan? Because he didnt want his sex tape on the internet?
Fuck Gawker. Go Jalopnik.

Feb 18 2016

I don’t even know how to address this. Your little bubble world is fascinating.

Feb 18 2016

You shit on everyone’s suggestions and then come here and post this - fucking shocker.

Feb 12 2016

Gun nut? The guy in the car was being attacked, and rightfully, could fear for his life. Hes trapped and had a feont row seat. This shit is common place in Los Angeles. However where people legally can carry guns, society is FAR more polite. Others of us subscribe to the street code of “its better to have it and not Read more

Feb 8 2016

The Boxter(now 718), Cayman, and any 911 below the Turbo can be had with manuals.