Alex Cook | Grex
Mar 19 2019

After the Rain is a fantastic production that deserves to be watched. 

Feb 19 2019

Yes, subs > dubs because Japanese corporate entertainment culture is widely known as a paragon of respectful treatment of women, healthy personal boundaries and calling men that behave badly strictly to task... how silly of me to forget.

Dec 6 2018

I kind of think it is because this author is one of the more competitive “Final Destination, no items” types of people. No fluff or silliness, just competitive multiplayer forever. Read more

Aug 3 2018

The movie takes place after Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection R2, the second TV anime series. Read more

May 30 2018

no, because that would be cruel, unlike enslaving them and forcing them to fight for sport

Mar 19 2018

Thanks for this. I was only introduced to anime about a year ago. My first experience was the Harlock CG movie, but that interested me enough to try something else. That something was SAO, and I was hooked. Read more

Mar 18 2018

“The tentacle rape… I-I’m drawing a blank on that one, but the point being, it was cool.” Read more

Mar 15 2018

I saw Grex say this on Twitter and I immediately replied saying you sold me on this...totally going to give it a run this weekend!

Mar 13 2018

you mean Nagi no Asukara of Rock being on the back of the dvd fame??

Mar 8 2018

I’m not sure why people think this is a port. It’s got at least one new character in the Inklings, it’s already teased Link will use his BotW attire (suggesting a modified move set) Read more