Alex Cook | Grex
10/06/15 9:23AM

Did you try and actually watch it? It was hilarious precisely because it’s everything Attack on Titan shouldn’t be. The show is a completely self-aware parody.

10/06/15 9:08AM

Even then, what they get is only a small subset of the quality series each season brings. The dub versus sub preference is fair but a different point entirely.

10/06/15 8:52AM

The first episode of Attack on Titan: Junior High was actually a pretty funny parody. I feel like people dismiss the series just because it’s not Season 2.

10/06/15 8:49AM

Except Adult Swim tends to just filter through to the more popular stuff, not necessarily the “best”. Case in point, Akame ga Kill.

8/12/15 10:21PM

It’s not that I disliked Earthbound per se, my feelings are more simple indifference. As for the differing opinions, Mother 3’s actual gameplay is far less clunky and easier to get into than Earthbound’s, and the plot’s stronger while still maintaining the quirky sense of humor. Basically, Mother 3 took what Read more

8/12/15 8:56PM

I recently played (and beat) Earthbound at the insistence of some friends, and... didn’t really care for it. Different strokes, I guess. From what I’ve played of it, I think Mother 3 is a much better game.