Grex's Magi Review

The shounen demographic, and the manga or anime that come along with it, tend to fit into a pretty narrow set of parameters. You can usually be assured of hotheaded or simple main characters, over-the-top dramatic fights, special moves, rivalries, friendships, tragedy, maybe even some bad comedy if you’re lucky, but…

One Piece is Awesome

Although this piece is not intended to be a formal review for a variety of reasons, it is still provided in video format above and transcribed directly below. I would like to note that, as always, my scripts are written first and foremost to be experienced as videos (that is, read aloud), so no guarantees that jokes,…

Grex's D-Frag! Review

Ok, before we begin, let me just preface this with saying that I do see this review being a bit on the shorter side. From your perspective you can just look at the whole of the article and see whether it is in fact long or short, but I figured there was little harm in addressing that specifically. You know how there…


Grex's Gintama Review

As you are likely well-aware, anime is no stranger to long-running series. There’s the Big Three, Bleach, Naruto and One Piece, clocking in at about 370, 680 and 740 episodes, respectively. All the Dragon Balls combined are well over 500, Fairy Tail’s got like 270, even Hunter x Hunter and (soon enough) JoJo’s Bizarre