Jan 22

You were so consistently wrong I forgot to respond to this one. You remain wrong, and Boseman is currently the frontrunner.

Dec 20

Also, he was based on Richard Yates, I think--David dated his daughter. I don’t think even Yates was THAT terrifying.

Dec 11

It was Strom Thurmond. He probably had been plant-peeing since his late teens.

Dec 4

I admit I think the color symbolism is ‘neat’ but good lord--TESTING on it is absurd. If you notice, great. If you don’t, you still can enjoy the damn story. (Or not, really--it’s not THAT much of a story.)

Dec 4

I think A Separate Piece was the most destructive thing I ever read in school.

Dec 4

I loved the show when I was a kid, though I don’t really recall much about it. Surprised it’s not streaming anywhere—it was pretty popular, and won awards (I think) and had a solid cast.

Nov 30

I thought it was pretty clever, honestly, to have Loy be the one to make the overt Godfather reference. It was like a final indignity to his forced subservience to the New York mob and the Italians. He wasn’t even allowed to escape their tropes even in death.

Nov 25

Uhm. So, like, cynically-speaking, giving Boseman an Oscar helps the properties they’re trying to sell in the future. You do get that right? Or are you so convinced that Marie Cottard’s award helped her career so much that they’ll give an award to an up-and-comer over someone who, even dead, has a built-in brand? Read more

Nov 23

Most who win the Oscar don’t, in fact, go on to get more work. Casual perusal of Oscar winners would demonstrate that. I also mentioned Peter Finch, of course, not just Heath Ledger. Posthumous winners also include Howard Ashman, Conrad Hall, William Horning (TWICE!), Sidney Howard, and several others. I am not at all Read more

Nov 22

Of course--I mean, giving it to dead or dying actors is totally not a tradition. Just ask Henry Fonda and Heath Ledger. Or Peter Finch, for that matter.

Nov 20

Wait... WHY is it not available? I remember it was on Shout for a while, then it suddenly wasn’t. I assumed they just rotate the stock occasionally.

Apr 19

Seasons 14-18 (ish) were very uneven, with some not-at-all-funny episodes, but I’ve always thought around season 20 the show got back on track. I get that people think it sucks, but for me it’s much more consistently funny than it was in those teen seasons, and HAS been for about a decade. Some missteps, and some Read more

Mar 3

It also explained why pest extermination was such a booming business in Albuquerque a few years later.

Jan 8 2020

In a nutshell, the article uses Fisher’s daughter’s portrayal to say every part about Fisher’s role in the final movie was a mistake—but hey, Lourd was willing to do it so (arguably) the Frankenstein scenes of her dead mother were par for the course. I don’t object to the film criticism. I just object to the use of Read more

Jan 7 2020

This article—and I know this sounds weird to say about an AV Club article—is pretty goddamn harsh. Here are the basics: Carrie Fisher was beloved not just for being Leia, but also for her writing, and frankness in her writing about her personal life. Read more

Dec 31 2019

Jackson says in interviews he can’t imagine why actors wouldn’t want to act, which is why he takes so many dodgy scripts. Even in bad films, you know Jackson will be entertaining, so he’s got that going for him. Not even Murphy’s talent can save a good many movies he stars in, but there’s not a bad movie out there Read more

Nov 26 2019

I’d image The OA would be more popular in international markets, so maybe if Netflix is so concerned about that, they can bring that back--I’d like to know where they were going with the telepathic octopus.