Oct 6 2019

My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw him pass out at the game last night. I guess it’s pretty serious.

Oct 6 2019

Would have never guessed he would come up short.  Wide right maybe,  but not short. 

Sep 18 2019

Joe Paterno knew in the 70s that Sandusky was raping kids. Forty goddamned years as an assistant to JoePa with Joe knowing that this guy was raping kids and he did nothing.

Sep 15 2019

Great, but let's stop right there. I don't want to see his O face.

Sep 15 2019

Kirk ferentz winning on a walkoff punt miscue? You know someone is treating himself to the medium heat salsa tonight

Sep 14 2019

Neymar runs around, is mobbed by teammates, he jumps in the air, revels in the cheers and then goes back to get the ball so he could celebrate again all for nearly a minute after scoring and that’s “barely celebrates”?

Sep 8 2019

The neck tattoo comment is a cheap-shot. The Philadelphia municipal code requires neck tattoos to be admitted to any public sporting event. 

Sep 3 2019

That ball had more English than a P.G. Wodehouse collection.

Aug 29 2019

Is no one going to mention what looks like an already broken pane of glass in the background? This apparently isn’t the little maniac’s first rodeo.

Aug 28 2019

Looks like someone got to BJ's Wikipedia page lmao. This whole thing is sad, but kind of fulfilling, in a weird way. I feel like Penn has kind of always been a piece of shit. 

Aug 27 2019

Who’d a thunk a guy that was just a complete fucking asshole in the public eye for 8 or so years is.... actually a complete fucking asshole.  

Aug 27 2019

Yes. The dude always seemed like kind of an asshole (evidenced, perhaps, the fact that he has garnered the most technical fouls, by a large margin, of anyone else in the last decade?), but you’d never know it reading a Deadspin article.