Graby Sauce
5:39 PM

Thanks for defending my honor, but I actually loved Damon’s take (and edited this piece). VSB, while part of The Root, speaks in its own voice, as I at The Glow Up speak in mine, and as a news writer, Anne writes in hers. Interestingly enough, I think that’s what we’re encouraging people to do: to create space for Read more

4:49 PM

You answered your own question yourself when you quoted “Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People”. You don’t understand how misogyny works in the black community. Read more

4:32 PM

“detracted from the legitimate claim that Black men have not fared well in the work of Gayle King and Oprah. Read more

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3:41 PM

It’s not dirty laundry if its already public knowledge. And I’m not even gonna ask what kind of brain short circuit lead to that mad lib of bullshit you said after.

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3:22 PM

How the fuck does one equate Oprah with Bill Cosby? Fucking R Kelly who urinated on a 13 year old girl??? You can’t have an honest discussion using bad faith arguments. They are serial rapists. You can’t compare the two.

2:59 PM

I have my issues with Oprah but I’m sorry who did she drug, hold hostage, sexually assault or was accused of sexually assaulting? False equivalency , do better.

2:50 PM

You mean Snoop Lion the Rastafarian who said he was the reincarnation of Bob Marley? Read more

2:09 PM

I guess people forgot Snoop made a song called, Bitches Ain’t Shit, is friends with Don “Magic” Juan and beat a murder case. Ya’ll do know he ain’t a nice guy right?

3:02 PM

I am jealous of what a gorgeously-shaped head Ayanna has. She could totally rock the minimal look if she chose to. But I still do understand how challenging her hair journey must have been.

2:14 PM

I felt so alone until I read this article and the comments. I’ve had alopecia for 5 years. Folks have no idea how the loss of your hair makes you feel especially when you don’t want to be bald. And while I have come to grips with wearing wigs, I miss my own hair. Thank you Ayanna and thank you Jessica.

12:52 PM

I’ve also been losing hair to alopecia areata. Like you, I’ve had a big part of my identity wrapped up in my hair (guy with the great hair or something like that). I’ve been really open about my hair loss (it’s how I like to deal with stuff), but it’s still frustrating to see something you work hard to maintain slip

5:56 PM

May Mr. Markle get gout, pink eye, kidney stones, GERD, strep, athlete’s foot, a UTI, poison oak, shingles, an audit and a computer virus on every device all at the same time. 

5:14 PM

Even if it’s a photo-op, she does beneficial work by raising awareness for programs that help women. Her cookbook has raised a lot of money for the Grenfell Towers victims. Meghan Markle’s interior motives? We’ll never know! Maybe she’s pure evil. But she doesn’t do evil. She does good.