Graby Sauce
2:06 PM

ALL of this. Warren couldn’t even be bothered to do anything for Native Americans when she was one. She sure ain’t thinking about our black asses.

2:00 PM

The *only* (and I do mean ONLY) candidates who deserved black people’s votes were Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. Black people and our issues were not theoretical to either of them, and they had creative, humane solutions for addressing them. NONE of the remaining candidates deserve black people’s support. Not Bernie, Read more

3:55 PM

This is the best news I’ve heard in 2020. Meghan is like, “You ain’t go’ run me!” and is getting the heck out of dodge. I hope they are able to repair their marriage and their family relationships with a little distance.

7:04 AM

The negativity about Kamala in these replies is so odd to me. Kamala has far more of a positive record on civil and human rights than ALL of the other candidates, yet no one ever seems to interrogate the other candidates’ records with the same “vigor” (or rather vitriol, hatred, nastiness, and misinformation) as they Read more

1:37 PM

If you do so, could you please include me? I know I am scarce around these parts, and people probably don’t even remember me, but I really liked Clashtalk. I only stopped posting there because of years of upheaval in my real life, but I still liked to keep tabs on you guys.

1:35 PM

I just ran by there today, and it was gone! I haven’t been around much, but it was a reliable place to talk shit about this company. I’m very sad right now.

1:35 PM

A lot of people don’t realize just how much racism animates Republicans. They buy into the notion that “if you just work hard, you can make it in America.” It’s only after racism is pushed in their faces do they realize. Lots of black people have tried being Republican because of their focus on business, but Read more

1:21 PM

Justice Democrats are too cowardly to take on Republicans. Their few successes have been in strongly Democratic districts. They aren’t helping grow the map at all which means they aren’t increasing the possibility of passing progressive legislation.

11:53 PM

The sad part is that I've always thought Kinja had promise as a platform. It's been stagnant for years now.

7:36 PM

She had the guy take sexual harassment training and had no problems from him for the duration of her campaign. The victim was satisfied with how the situation was handled. My same energy informs me that she didn’t ignore the problem until her staff made public protests before her next campaign like Bernie did.

4:15 AM

And so soon after he instituted a sexual harassment policy 2 years after his presidential campaign.

12:23 PM

Thanks for this. Black people are stereotypically associated with urban areas, the projects, etc. Stories about black people and our connection to the land are rarely told. My grandfathers and father were gardeners, fishermen, and hunters. They hunted and fished in the most rural (and whitest) parts of Virginia and Read more

4:35 PM

They could have answered this question in 5 minutes by simply asking almost any person of African descent.

6:29 PM

100% of the white members of the Virginia General Assembly over age 35 have similar photos, Democrat or Republican. The Republicans likely have some from this past Halloween. 

6:17 PM

I attended college in Virginia in the 1990s with white people. This does not phase me as it is par for the course for “Virginia gentlemen.” Virginia Republicans are going to try to make hay out of this, but please understand that this is the party that 1) nominated a white supremacist for governor *last year*, 2) Read more

1:02 PM

This is pitiful. “not what Vermont is about”— it’s EXACTLY what Vermont is about, which is what Misch was trying to tell everyone. They don’t even believe that hate speech is harassment. The man stalked and harassed her, possibly broke into her home and vandalized her property, but evidently because it was done with Read more