The Great & Powerful Turtle
3:17 PM

I thought the movie’s revamp was the best treatment. Basically a heroic act in the vein of Bruce Banner saving Rick Jones. I just wanted to see more of Mar-Vell/Wendy Lawson and why she was so esteemed by Carol.

I’m hoping they’ll delve into those interactions and more of Carol’s memories (especially triumphing over Read more

11:16 AM

Hawkman is probably one of the most continuity-entangled heroes of the DC Universe. Even been called radioactive by DC higher ups (When they won’t even let Grand Morrison tackle him, you know the character is a rat’s nest of storylines).

I’m a big Hawkman fan but hate the mess DC has put him in. Too many revamps/

8:34 PM

That video cracks me up every. single. time.

Jek Tono Porkins. A Rebel pilot so good he didn’t need to pass ANY stupid physicalsareyougoingtoeatthatthanks.