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I hope you flattened Mr. Big Mouth’s tires and sugared his gas tank... Read more

If this happens on TV, support those of us who tell you it happens all day, everyday in Corporate America! When I told my boss about an racial insult that I handled firmly but professionally in the moment, and I told him NOT to report it because ‘the black’ ALWAYS loses. He agreed to keep it to himself, noted for Read more

The cheerleader mentality seems self-defeating anyway. If all critiques of black-created art from black reviewers are nothing but favorable then there’s no credibility. Those writers will eventually be ignored by everyone (including black readers) because they know the punch line without even skimming the review, and Read more

Sounds like something Trump would say when he wants to say something bad about someone and just makes shit up on the fly. Read more

My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show… I said f—- that and her. End of story. Read more

My people tried to get me to do The Oprah Winfrey show years ago and her people wanted me to write down 5 reasons why I loved her and her show… I said f—- that and her. End of story. Read more

Why are people from Michigan such reprehensible assholes? Read more

Serious question: Did it bother you during the,pick a regime asshole, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and oh yeah Bush II regimes? If not you can fuck off with your fake concern for dead brown people. I mean you only grew a conscience during the Obama years huh? Especially since the regimes of Reagan and both poppy and junior Read more

I know its silly, but i still regard Obama as our real president, that racist thug thing occupying the WH is there only by fraud.
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Remember what it was like to have a First Family representing us to rest of the world  that we could be proud of? Read more

I’m not crying you are. The excellence of this family drove America to what we have. Let that sink in. Read more

I have nothing but hatred towards Thurman and his ilk. Black women have enough to worry about without Black men attacking and raping and killing them too. Read more

... Sorry. I love Sonequa Martin-Green too. Sorry to have forgotten the ladies for a moment. She’s fantastic on Star Trek: Discovery. I don’t really know her from anything else, but will definitely check out this movie with the two of them.   Read more

I love Romany Malco. If you aren’t watching him on “A Million Little Things,” you should. He shows off some dramatic chops that audiences have never really seen from the funnyman.  Read more

I entirely hear that—though I was a 14/16 sista most of my career. That said, she cited Naomi Campbell as an example, who not only initially rose to fame well over 20 years ago (although Loni took exception to others bringing up models from that era), but also represents a type of aspirational black beauty—which is Read more

Guilty until proven guilty. Disgusting. This whole story is disgusting. He’s in for quite a ride, trying to readjust to the outside life. It’s changed bigtime since the early 80's. I hope he gets a big enough settlement to be able to rebuild his newly regained life, but it’s always going to be incomplete. You can’t Read more

Once upon a time, part of the appeal of British and Australian actors was that they were cheaper than American stars. I can’t imagine, given their current ubiquity, that that’s still the case. Read more

Not related to this movie but when is Insecure coming back?! Read more

I think it’s less that and more “we can only have so many black actors and actresses working at once”. I think there’s probably a greater pool of African-American actors who are legitimate stars than there has been ever in the past, it’s just still a much smaller pool than white actors, so you’re more likely to get a Read more