Goodyear Black

I understand. I will concede to you as you are the subject matter expert. I’m just a woman who likes clothes and hope I find what I like in my size. Read more

I think that you and the other plus sized models you named are absolutely beautiful but none of you look like Loni. I believe that’s what she means when she says that there aren’t Black plus sized models that represent her. And while I’m sure there are, even if I can’t call them by name, she doesn’t see that Read more

Asher is Gabriel’s next door neighbor. He was lying in the hllway outside of his own apartment. More than likely, that took place after whoever knocked on Gabriel’s door. Read more

He tortured this poor man physically, kept him from his family, worked him damn near to death, placed him in horrendous living conditions and didn’t pay him for 17 fucking years and ALL he was sentenced was 10 years???!!! This bastard should be serving no LESS than a 35 year sentence for his crimes. Read more

My middle sister lives by that same philosophy. Read more

So the claims of misconduct against him from people on two different shows is all a figment of their imaginations and he’s just a “good guy” who was just swept up in the #MeToo movement? Read more

Monday is the perfect day for them to lead a national day of action as that day is also Black Solidarity Day. More than likely, that’s why they chose that day. Salute. Read more

That’s TWO baby girls found in landfills on the same day. Kamille McKinney missing since Oct 12th in Alabama and Neveah Adams missing from South Carolina since august 5th was found in a landfill hours earlier. Read more

I’m going to see it either way so... Do your thing, Cardi. Read more

My guess is he was scared to go and check on them himself, being that a Black man lurking around someone’s home at 2 something in the morning could get him killed. Read more

Appreciate it. I missed more than a few Jay-Z albums/songs during deployments and PCS moves overseas. Never bothered to look back at any music I might have missed during those times. Read more

I thought Cassidy said that on “I’m A Hustla”... Read more

“I’m gonna be president, and everybody’s gonna put my photo up,” she told the Post. Read more

I seriously doubt it. I believe that Louisiana has their own good stuff and no one in their right mind is driving to Dallas to cop no weed. My homeboy is from Louisiana and lives in Texas and knows a few things about how things operate. Read more

According to one of my homeboys, Louisiana has the BEST stuff out right now.   Read more

I researched 33 of them just yesterday with one being a woman that participated in murders with a man she was dependent on. Eugene Watts had more kills than Samuel Little according to the cops (with 100+) but he only killed whyte women. 3 others killed only whyte women and 2 others killed MOSTLY whyte women. One Read more

Most people who sell weed don’t belong to gangs.  Read more