Dec 2 2017

This. Also, Donald Glover is an example of someone who was going to be a star regardless of the medium. It’s not fair how talented that dude is.

Dec 1 2017

Yeah it’s sort of interesting how this show proved its point by getting cancelled when it did

Dec 1 2017

The worst thing on Netflix that I’ve ever started to watch.  And I get bored and don’t sleep much at night so I’ve watched a lot of garbage, lemme say.

Nov 13 2017

I thought it was inappropriate and unethical due to the power imbalance. I just didn’t think it constituted harassment because I wrongly thought harassment required someone one to repeat a behavior once rebuffed. I was wrong.

Nov 13 2017

I was a lifeguard, and while I wasn’t concerned about touching boobies with CPR, I was a little uncomfortable about using the AED because we had to remove the woman’s top and dry them off before shocking them. There’s no way I would not have done it had it come to that, because let’s face it I don’t want someone to Read more

Nov 13 2017

Asking a random woman to watch you jerk off is not pursuing a romantic relationship. You have issues, dude.

Nov 13 2017

Is it really that difficult not to say sexual things to one’s coworkers?

Nov 13 2017

There’s a handy rule for men who have difficulty understanding what is appropriate at the workplace. You can’t say it to a female colleague if you wouldn’t want it said to you in prison.

Nov 13 2017

I mean ...nothing is wrong with a ‘blunt proposition’ in terms of asking someone out in the right environment. Read more

Nov 13 2017

You really don’t see the problem with asking a colleague in a professional situation if they’ll watch you masturbate? He has power over the careers/opportunities these women are exposed to. Do you do that at work? Walk into the lunch room and ask the first woman you see if she’ll look at your dick?

Nov 4 2017

Nothing worked, Alec.
Bill Cosby raped women his entire adult life. He had busloads of accusers. He was taken to court by the woman whose “case it was to prosecute” and the motherfucker still walked out.
Danny Masterson still has a job. He has accusers with the same story.
Clarence Thomas has a job for life and Anita Read more

Nov 2 2017

How about sex abusers of either sex get the blame? You are just as off the rails as he is. If one woman is guilty and ninety-nine men are guilty then NONE should get a pass. You are trivializing male victims. It’s not about percentages or payback, it’s about justice. 

Nov 2 2017

I just got accused of being an MRA because I dared to point out the fact that women are also molesters, and that there is sentencing disparity in sexual crimes (and crimes in general), with woman receiving lighter sentences or no sentences. Despite the fact that I’m a woman, have been sexually harassed at work by a Read more