Goodbye Thigh Gap

George Clooney and Selena Gomez? Cosby and Miley Cyrus? They’d call it full on sexual assault or rape. Read more

I just want to hear Bruce Jenner say that he’s happy. As a kid who built a decathlon in our backyard and competed with my siblings to be Bruce Jenner, I hope he gets to be what makes him happy. He was amazing and defined athleticism and masculinity, so let him define what makes him completely whole. Read more

Lol, no offense taken. Now you know my weakness though! Read more

Listen, I am genuinely sorry I called you stupid, I was without a doubt completely rude to you. It's easy to forget (especially on kinja) that a real person is on the other end of the internet. I still maintain that hating on Pinkham is a wasted effort that will ultimately result in nothing, but I should have Read more

Considering that he is normally all over the comments in BCO but is conspicuously absent today I'm thinking you are right on with that guess. Read more

You're confused because you're an idiot. It's already been explained, repeatedly. And look at the recommends, by far, more people are reading this and laughing at you people and starring the people calling you out than people actually supporting your position. Seriously, no one gives a fuck about you or whatever this Read more

I'm actually genuinely confused by why you are reading a thread full of people expressing concern for something and adamantly insisting that "nobody cares", yes. Other than that I am generally pretty quick on the uptake. For instance, I've already worked out you're a complete asshole. So... I'm fairly happy with my Read more

Well thank you for being a fine demonstration of the sort of people who are on Pinkham's side here! You could not have helped my argument better. Cheers! Read more

What sort of a case do you think I should be making then? And do you have a case for why I would care, even the slightest, that I do not have your, personal, undying respect? Because that's the part I'm finding the most confusing about your response. Read more

I would *like* to think he's the type of guy to do that. But no, I don't really think he would. (´._.`) Read more

Well, LiveJournal is beside the point in my book. I would have personally just given him the benefit of the doubt, given that he usually does say the right things (at least in posts that aren't dismissed!), but it's a lot different when it's part of a continuing pattern, one that happened in Kitchenette. Read more

Oh that reminds me, new secret knock at the secret clubhouse: it's one long, three short, three long. Read more

Nicky-D keeps all that sweet, sweet Gawker Media money in an offshore account. NO PUPPIES FOR YOU!1!!!1! Read more

Thank you, sorry for not checking the link earlier. This is very helpful, and I hope there are some consequences for his nastiness. Read more

Been following this mini-saga for about a week now. Read more

It's sort of a depressing statement about society that even in an explicitly feminist community, one that at least pretends towards opposition to racism, that it's an effective derailment technique to claim "fake outrage". Like it's ridiculous to imagine that anyone might actually be bothered by seeing a history of Read more

You know what, it really isn't. I'm not a GTer, or part of some cloak and dagger Pinkham Assassination Squad. I'm just a commenter on here who's taken the time to look at the shady as fuck things he has done and become genuinely shocked he still has a job here.

Dude, I am part of that not-a-cabal! I came here hoping Pinkham's ass would be grass and got shot down myself. I'm literally saying the opposite of that, which is... LOADS of us are legitimately (and fairly, IMO) angry and would like answers, but just can't speak on this platform. Read more

I can’t wait for the Internet to rally around and sarcastically elect him to start the All Star Game. We all know the Internet. This is going to happen. Read more

It is a false statement when you say this started on Groupthink. It started on a site that mocks Groupthink. Now, it so happens that a lot of people that chimed in and provided links and examples are Groupthink commenters but that is because GT is the kinja subblog Colin frequented and posted to the most prior to Read more