4/23/21 9:19AM

“Sorry I got caught trying to protect my daughter from a physically abusive partner?” The fuck are you on about?

4/12/21 4:27PM

I again implore the makers of tasers to remove the handgrip. There is not enough recoil to require it nor range to make a precision two-handed aim. Read more

4/12/21 4:27PM

Sure, let’s take this explanation completely at face value: in the heat of the moment, if a cop is carrying both a Taser and a gun, there is always the possibility that even with the best of intentions, despite all their training and the physical differences between Tasers and guns, they will grab the gun and fire it Read more

3/15/21 2:20PM

Honestly, I like the anti-gossip approach. People shouldn’t give up their privacy just because they sing or act or look good in a swimsuit, or because of who their parents were. If somebody’s abusive or a criminal, okay, that’s valid news, but if it’s just “she’s put on weight” or “he broke up with his girlfriend,” Read more

3/15/21 12:51PM

Fuck that, I want Warner Bros. to give Snyder $70 million every year to make a Snyder cut of any movie he chooses.  Tom & Jerry: The Snyder Cut.  The Meg: The Snyder Cut.  Let’s burn these piles of money to the ground.

3/15/21 11:12AM

Does this whole article come off as annoyed that benign stuff as opposed to dirt is being reported? Celebrities have money, but are also just people. Maybe it’s ok not to tear them apart always. Sometimes sure when they start a church or try to convince people to buy diarrhea tea go for it.

3/13/21 2:06PM

Snyder’s real problem is he fundamentally doesn’t understand the characters or the subject matter in his films. He didn’t understand the point of Rorschach (not a hero) or the watchmen (a story expressly against the idea of heroes). He doesn’t understand Superman (the pure ideal), Batman (a character who wants Read more

3/13/21 1:25PM

Growing up, DC heroes always seemed closer to pure heroes than, say, the X-Men who always came off as real people with real problems/dramas compounded by superpowers. Superman as the ideal of courage and self-sacrifice for the good of humanity, Batman as the silent avenger working behind the scenes to stop crime, Read more

12/03/20 12:45PM

You kind of lost me when you said you didn’t finish the Wire or go beyond one episode of Breaking Bad. How can we trust your taste when you abandoned two of the greatest shows in television history?

11/19/20 2:40PM

So if you know it is not Nancy’s fault why are you mentioning her? For real this shit is as tired as it gets. Her caucus did their job and Moscow Mitch won’t pass a fucking bill. You do know how government works right. Blame all the fucking Red states that seem to send the same soulless sacks of shit back to the Read more

10/30/20 11:06PM

Why in the world wouldn’t you want to be white like me? I can get a job without the aid of federal legislation mandating that the employers to whom I submit a resume don’t glance at the photo and just toss it in the trash can. No state governments try to suppress my voting rights. I can drive down the street without Read more