Oct 14 2019

The final pitch was way too close for Sanchez to argue as much as he did, even if we ignore everything else that happened in that AB. Probably a ball but not exactly shocking it was called a strike.

Oct 14 2019

A half hour after the Astros won the game to even the series at a game apiece, Sanchez was still upset about his final strikeout. Read more

Oct 13 2019

I know exactly how he feels. There was this media company I liked that was bought by sociopathic hedge fund vampires who paid themselves obscene salaries while running the company into the ground.

Oct 1 2019

I shall invent a device that alerts Dolphins fans when they are being erroneously charged for purchases. It will emit a Dolphin-call shriek if a skimmer is used to rack up a fraudulent charge. I will call it “the Miami Sound Machine.”

Sep 9 2019

This does indeed suck for Lithuania, but good on FIBA for holding the officials accountable.

Sep 3 2019

I have the “Wear a helmet” battle with my 12 year old daily, simply because of the sheer number of dipshit parents in my town who allow their kids to ride their bikes up and down main roads without them. Now it’s if course become a “Cool kids don’t wear helmets” thing, and I have to fight with my son so he doesn’t Read more

Aug 7 2019

Yeah its so boring which is why I remember exactly how she looked, what she said, what she was wearing, how she tasted, how she felt... but I was terribly bored the entire time. It’s definitely not the only time I almost had sex.

Also I went to Harvard and she was totally impressed with that. I didn’t bring it up, she Read more

Aug 5 2019

Not sure if there's a Sox article coming so I'll just leave this here: The Boston Red Sox have by far the highest payroll in the majors and are a flaming pile of feces. To all the people in my childhood who whined and whined and WHINED about the Yankees buying championships, Fuck You. That is all. 

Jul 28 2019

Because Carmelo Anthony is a delusion diva and James Dolan is a fucking idiot.

Jun 12 2019

It’s a lock that this story is going to get weirder before it gets normaler. 

Jun 12 2019

“I think, as a Canadian, we would just never ever think about doing something like that,” 

May 7 2019

Giannis has a higher average “number of times per game where I go ‘well ... ok ... I don’t even know how you’re supposed to defend that.” rate than any other player currently in the league. Read more

Apr 27 2019

I would only own tuxedo shirts two sizes too small. Anytime someone would say that I look ridiculous in the shirt I would flex and boom! Who’s looking ridiculous now?

Apr 2 2019

His foot failed to make a football move before it lost possession of the plate.

Apr 2 2019

The deferrals lessened the net present value of the contract considerably, although the ­Nationals and Boras’s team differ in their calculations. Boras’s team told Harper that, using a 6 percent discount rate, the new contract offer was worth just more than $107 million. Read more