Adam Stickland
Oct 3 2018

I’m one of the few that likes the Aztek . The very polarizing is one of its best features (who wants to drive around in the same old bland box?) and the view outside from the interior is pretty cool, with all the glass panels. I’ve always thought of getting one and dropping the Grand Prix GTP drivetrain (or better yet Read more

Sep 13 2018

My undoubtedly worthless two-cents: bring back 6-wheelers.

Jul 6 2018

Very nice! More Canadian Oppos ftw (I’m in NS)! I’ve always liked that generation of Celica....there were never all that many of them around here, but there are even fewer now, so they always give me a smile when I see them - looking good! :)

and 1 more
Jun 1 2018

Hey, parallel parking certain cars is a whole lot harder than doing just about anything else with them. Read more

Apr 19 2018

“...just tires, final drive ratio, drivetrain efficiency and weight of that drivetrain.”

That’s not a “just” accumulation of factors, especially since you also might have a taller ride height wreaking havoc on aero drag, just as much as all of the factors above wreak havoc on mechanical drag.

That added weight might Read more

Apr 17 2018

I wouldn’t say it’s impressive. A Malibu gets to 60 mph in 6 seconds and only has 250 hp. That would be 5% of the claimed 5000 hp of this thing. Something running 500 hp should be a bit quicker, right?

Mar 31 2018

The 2000 Celica’s are under-appreciated cars for sure. They look great and have a decent amount of power. The TRD kit is not bad looking either.

Mar 29 2018

The looks on the Celica were in a weird spot for the time it came out but have aged nicely. I think this will only apply to manuals, however