gogmorgo - rowing gears in a Grand Cherokee
Mar 11

36 times more greenhouse gasses, and 21 times the particulate. So you can get better gas mileage. You think that is ok?

Also, show me any data proving a truck doubles its diesel mileage by rolling coal.  You can’t because it’s horseshit.  

Mar 11

Man, the lengths MAGAtards go in order to twist the left’s platform into cartoon caricature nonsense is astonishing. What color is the sky in your little world?

Mar 11

Haha his name is glockpointer. GLOCKPOINTER!! How many more substitutes for real masculinity do you think you’ll need before you gain a little self confidence?

Mar 11

The thin blue line flag, otherwise known as the “Blue lives matter” flag is nothing more than a racist response to black lives matter. And the fact that literally every single one of those flags seems to be adhered to mainly vehicles that Trump supportin’ rednecks like probably bring validity to that claim.

Mar 11

It’s not a bias against first responders, it’s a bias against someone that claims respect of “law and order” while flaunting the law.

Mar 11

Your bias is showing too. First Responders != Thin Blue Line. It’s law enforcement.

Mar 2

And beam pattern aint gonna make one damn bit of difference if your headlights are both pointing inward and at the ground or one is pointing at the ground and the other is pointing god knows-where. Ive been in cars with headlights out of alignment where you could have the high beams on and not get flashed. Headlights Read more

Mar 1

Was this article really even necessary? You guys always plant it somewhere in articles, so I’m sure readers all know the stuff discussed here. And look, I’m not trying to claim your article is wrong, because just about everything I read, I agreed to, but most manufacturers probably put LEDs in higher trims because a) Read more

Jul 22 2019

You taught Mr. Tracy something about Jeeps that doesn’t relate to esoteric and lamentable roadside repairs!

Jul 22 2019

And yet only a couple years later GMC made the Jimmy run a 14.1 by slapping a turbo on their V-6 and called it a Typhoon. The same treatment on a V8 makes mid-13's a real possibility.

Jul 22 2019

How do you know it wasn’t twin-turbo’d and supercharged, putting out 500 HP? Read more

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Jul 3 2019

This is one county in California, but go ahead and use this as a platform to spew your redneck ideals that the folk at Fox News broadcast into your face holes.

Jul 3 2019

Yes. Laws I don’t like in a county in California about a hobby will certainly scare me into supporting lying, racist, bigots trying to control women’s bodies while trying to enforce a certain religion on the country. It’s either that, or close the garage when I work on my car. Oh gosh, I’m convinced.  Let me grab a Read more