gogmorgo - rowing gears in a Grand Cherokee
9:25 PM

Studs have a ton of die-hard users anywhere I’ve lived in five provinces significantly south of the Yukon Territory, probably just as many as the “all-seasons are fine I’ve never had an issue in 30 years of driving” people. But it’s mostly people who still get car advice from their parents and grandparents. Read more

12:09 PM

Do it. The body’s repairable but probably not worth it. But as to preserving the manual trans parts? Put it this way, the factory manual is a second generation XJ how AMC intended it to be. Mine has fewer “luxuries” than this one does, manual windows, locks, factory a/c delete, but as a family SUV the ZJ treads the

12:40 AM

With a transverse engine, no, not optimal. But when the engine is oriented the way it should be, you don’t really need to get at the front. It’s just easier not smashing your head on it, having to reach around prop rods, etc. It’s everything you love about the CJ’s, but without it flying up and smashing the windshield Read more

12:49 AM

How many people get live from rental ski helmets? The kid at the reveal desk isn’t doing much more than giving them a spray of disinfectant, either. Although at least in that case it’s every time the helmet comes back in.

11:25 PM

My issue with mud is that driving through it does absolutely the most damage to the trail out of any terrain. I’ll present to you snow as an excellent alternative. There are so many hugely different textures and tractions, similar buried obstacles, the same wheel speeds, same ruts, same getting stuck, same demands on Read more

3:35 AM

Because the TV series overtook the book series, there was a deliberately different ending to the TV series to avoid spoiling the book. I strongly suspect they made the ending suck on purpose to direct more traffic towards the books. Read more