Jan 22

You know, if he’d given a sincere apology and made any attempt to demonstrate that he’d learned something, maybe we could come back to him. Read more

Jan 22

The obnoxious part is that he didn’t have to do this. He and his colleagues weren’t desperately in need of income to keep a roof over their heads.

Jan 20

Look, I’m saying this as someone that grew up in the 90's, I loved to death BTAS, STAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, I rewatch that shit so much, it’s the finest set of animated programs I’ve ever seen. Read more

Jan 20

Or we could just admit that the original was really good, has held up well over time, and doesn’t require any adjustments or continuations. This is yet another example of a company with hundreds of potential characters to use for animated series being fixated on one character that has been done to death already. Read more

Jan 17

Finally fed up with doing things the same old way, Americans have devised a brand new strategy of letting people with loads of personality disorders just run amok and assume everything will work out for the best and also profit.

Jan 15

We have gone a full year without any additions to the MCU.  I will take all the WandaVision I can get.

Jan 12

Investors aren’t looking at anything with Tesla, it’s just pure delusion.

The P/E ratio is currently over 1,600. Investors would have to legitimately believe that Tesla’s future market cap will be $32 trillion? 15x more than the current most valuable company?

l m a o

Jan 11

i was really hoping they would just jump to deadpool 4 and not address it

Jan 11

My thoughts on the X-Men are that some of the people snapped back to life in Endgame have latent mutant genes that were ‘activated’ upon their return. 

Jan 11

Sir, do you have a permit for that scorching hot take?

Jan 10

Sarah Jessica Parker is now FOUR years OLDER than Rue McClanahan was when the Golden Girls started.