7:27 PM

I found where the mice chewed through the wall to enter the apt. Two of them came into my room last night as if they were ready to have a super fun adventure and then scrammed after we made eye contact. I’m getting an under door seal because I have a huge gap. Room is super clean and they’re definitely not living in Read more

8:40 PM

Gah. I hope you got the flu shot. I got the flu with the flu shot and it at least helped shorten the suffering. I remember taking a call and somehow agreeing to do a ton of work while slumped over in bed.. thank god for the call summary email. 

2:03 PM

I was quoted 100hrs for some weeks. It’s management consulting and it can get pretty brutal during some cases. And up to 50% domestic travel. The money is stupid good, but they’re paying to bleed you. Whereas in venture capital, I’m currently eating free snackies in my own office and everyone else stayed home today Read more

9:35 AM

The place I’ve been (paid) interning at is having serious conversations about hiring me. The money would be less because they run lean, but I’d be working less than 70hrs/wk.. which is what is expected at the other place I have an offer at. Sooooo. I dunno. I’m gonna be a total asshole and take the offer, but see if Read more

6:56 PM

I went away for a month and a mouse moved into my room. Soooo. I’m deep cleaning, setting some traps, and peppermint oil treating my room tonight. Live traps today, kill traps tomorrow. Read more

11:05 AM

I got a job! It all happened so quickly, I just got back from vacation two weeks ago and went right into the first round interview the next morning. Flew out to Chicago for the final round last week and now I’m going to be a dirty harbinger of capitalism (aka management consultant)..

5:51 PM

The restraining order stuff is done, signed and filed. We mediated and I got a lower level RO, in exchange for a few things like charity donation, community service, and therapy. Read more

1:35 AM

Some guy i’ve been talking to from Tinder has gifted me over $2000 in gifts. And we haven’t even met. It’s triggering my anxiety because I think he’s my stalker ex (intuition screams yes, but logic says no). Shit. Is. Insane.