I Had to Change My Username
Friday 7:50PM

I guess the metaphor applies, but it’s weird to think of a May/December relationship when the younger person is 40.

Friday 5:22PM

Not good when I know I'm not the only one who thought the article title was a misspelling before a pun

Friday 2:28PM

So we’re still pretending this show is at all hard to follow if you’re not half-paying attention to your emails, then?

Friday 11:44AM

Stallone, apparently, never cared much, saying in 1992 that he’d be happy to have a meal in pill form because “I’m just not prone to chew a lot” and because “It doesn’t go with my personality.” Read more

Friday 2:31AM

I mean it is.  That's not even debatable.  It makes a morally dubious man a hero and does the whole PTSD thing on someone who never mentioned experiencing it.  Who bragged about killing black people he didn't even kill.  So I guess the answer is probably now and probably next week for good measure.  I'll end with Read more

Friday 2:27AM

I went to see Man of Steel in Seattle. The best thing about was being at the Cinerama Theater. That place is awesome and the chocolate popcorn is amazing. Read more

Friday 2:03AM

Should we get the arguing about whether American Sniper is right-wing propaganda out of the way now, or wait for next week?

Thursday 7:31PM

Wait. Let me get this straight. He’s going to therapy for jerking off without making sure he wasn’t on camera? Look, I’m not gonna dig on therapy but if I was a therapist and there wasn’t a great deal more to that story, I’d charge him for the hour and tell him not to come back. Ever. Maybe tell him to make sure his Read more

Thursday 6:54PM

For anyone confused about why CNN brought him back, just ask yourself, where in the world is CNN going to find another late-middle-aged white man to provide legal expertise on the air? Read more

Thursday 5:45PM

unless the leaked single said anything about Israel and Palestine, yeah.

Thursday 3:36PM

Q: How do you know someone hates musicals?

A: Oh, don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

Thursday 1:07PM

You want a EGOT, then you don’t sleep.  Sleepers don’t get EGOTs

Thursday 1:06PM

God does that mean we are due for a new 2020 Rent where the disease is Covid-19?

Thursday 12:10PM

Musical haters just keep losing this year, and musical lovers have another film to get excited about.” Read more