I Had to Change My Username
6/10/21 12:16AM

It was a bit that he realized what a big deal the TVA is but also a little bit of how small he is? Something he has wrought death and destruction over is just a goddamn paperweight.

6/10/21 12:14AM

There are some good actors who can take a lackluster (or even shit) script and do a lot with it; and then there are some good actors who can’t work with a lackluster script and just kind of face-plant. I think Natalie Portman (based off of Thor, Dark World, the Star Wars prequels) is one of the latter.

6/10/21 12:08AM

It’s not atrocious. It’s kind of the perfect it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and I’m puttering around the house so I’ll put this on in the background movie.

6/10/21 12:06AM

It’s like they’re shoring up the relevancy of some of the least-liked movies (all the Age of Ultron stuff in WandaVision; the Dark World stuff here and in Endgame).

6/09/21 12:14AM

I think she’s 11 or 12, actually. And I have to assume that Rip had some way of backing up her memories; I feel like someone at the Time Bureau would have noticed if Ava had repeated amnesia. 

6/05/21 12:02AM

The first half of S5 was a little bit of a dip for me, too, after how fantastic S4 was, but, damn, the back half freakin’ killed.

6/03/21 10:40PM

Another parallel between Charlotte Richards’ and Dan’s deaths? Now there’s two episodes of Lucifer that will forever make me ugly cry.