Jun 14 2017

Thanks! Well, I had big plans to actually learn to weld and found the rocker panels and floorboards on a German website but life got in the way and the budget would need to be close to $4k to fix everything wrong with it and that’s if I did the work myself. I was still in college at the time and didn’t have my own Read more

Jun 13 2017

A friend of mine bought a VW Diesel Golf. Turns out the sellers lied about the emissions or something big time. Super sketchy scenario. Whatevs. Sellers took it back.

Jun 5 2017

Lovely how Tesla can’t seem to take criticism even in the slightest. Shows about how fragile the company & its cars really are once you take the mystique away from its products.

May 22 2017

Is this where I can share hundreds of painful stories of tire-kicking, blood-sucking, bottom-feeder, mooching customers that wasted more time of my life than I want to admit to? Those dealership horror stories go both ways.

Apr 19 2017

I think it’s more how pleased you seem with yourself about getting around some neighbors who have complained numerous times about your actions to no avail. And if not that, how you wrecked someone else’s property without first considering them. Read more

Apr 3 2017

Highly unlikely, the Saudis crewed themselves when they tried to destroy frackin, now they are stuck with low prices or low prices plus loss market share. Gas prices will unlikely go up very high anytime soon. Read more

Mar 28 2017

In winter, when my hoses will freeze, my buckets will freeze, my power washer will freeze, and my butt will freeze, I will use a car wash to keep my car clean. Stating that I don’t care about my car because I use a car wash is a hideously stupid conclusion to draw.

Mar 21 2017

You also have to consider that the inspector’s phrasing was specifically chosen so as not to induce a widespread panic amongst Fiesta owners. I think he’s really trying to emphasize the fact that this was not a manufacturing error but a modding error.

Mar 14 2017

Exactly what the hell is the insurance rate on Mustangs for male drivers of a certain age? The companies must have an entire claims department just processing Cars and Coffee accidents.

Mar 13 2017

I’m finding that a lot of people on jalopnik don’t know the difference between a lane change and a zipper merge.

Mar 13 2017

Good. Seriously fuck this guy and everybody like him. They actually slow traffic down because everybody needs to brake to let them in.

Mar 8 2017

Why would I want actual information about an upcoming vehicle I might be interested in when I can have all of this snark!