10/22/20 4:09PM

What I find interesting here is you and may of the comments all talk about how the right is intolerant, rude, racially motivated, et al, yet there is no open discussion here and the false or misrepresented statements are as bad as the position you are trying to argue against. Read more

4/27/20 8:52PM

“Net worth” is irrelevant, since most of that is illiquid assets. Iwiński can’t exactly donate those 12 million shares of stock as-is - they’re useless to charities and researchers. And liquidating that much stock in one go would drastically undercut the value - it’d be going for pennies a share by the end, which Read more

3/05/20 10:39AM

Wasn’t the idea that there was a large asymptomatic or unidentified population that isn’t counted in the fatality rate the common assumption, particularly in the US, where we know that testing was limited to known transmissions and severely symptomatic cases but we now know there were several unidentified in-US Read more

3/02/20 7:50PM

That one’s locked down pretty hard in the US and, I think, most other industrialized nations; you need a license to practice medicine, and you get it at the end of a formalized training pipeline that includes an MD degree and a few years of postgraduate training. Read more

2/27/20 1:05PM

Wow, if she’s the first black woman, she’s aged really well.

2/14/20 10:21AM

To be honest...if you though that he ate 40 Large Pizzas in 30’re the idiot. Read more

2/13/20 11:49AM

I know I will catch heat for this, but here I go.... it seemed to me as if he was referring to being interviewed by her and that she took it that way, as well.  Especially since he added that he had accomplished it (“I’m done”).  Granted, everything Jim Carrey says tends to come out a little creepy, but I think this Read more

2/12/20 8:16AM

I’ll bite and be the “actually” guy for the sake of maybe you not getting this all day long. In the first example of Anakin:

2/06/20 7:09PM

i don’t understand the rabid devotion to steam.

1/30/20 8:29PM

I’m a big reduce/reuse/recycle kind of person, but as far as game cases - do people really throw these out? I’ve never done it. I’m surprised that this is at all a noticeable contributor to the garbage problem.
 I keep 90% of my games (forever) tho, and the ones I don’t, I sell or give to friends.

1/17/20 9:07PM

Don’t deliberately touch people at all without their permission. It is on fact, the law.

12/10/19 11:01AM

The thing about the Mueller report is that it would have given Republicans a ton of bullshit ammo to throw around. Not using it and instead focusing on what the current hearing were about allows for a lot more focus. Read more