gmctavish needs more space
11/11/20 4:24PM

As a Moderator and someone who’s devoted WAY too much time to oppo I am incredibly saddened. I’ve made some wonderful lifelong virtual and real life friends from oppo. Its taught me alot from forcing me to look into technical subjects, to forcing me to re-examine my believes in people. I’ve learned to be more Read more

11/11/20 4:13PM

Oh boy. I’m posted a LOT of stuff to Oppo over the last 10 years or so. Once Kinja came in and offered us all blogs, I hotlinked a LOT of images to stuff I posted in here.
Read more

11/11/20 3:46PM

So you Jalops realize just how solid of a dude you have at the helm, on the day this news became known, Rory took notice of a comment I’d made asking the editors to help us save OPPO and replied asking me to email him. A few hours later he called me and we had a long conversation about how much we both cared about the Read more

11/11/20 3:41PM

You are relentless and I love you for it.

11/11/20 3:30PM

Thanks for all the support from the FP guys and gals over the years. Without Jalopnik, it’s pretty obvious there’d be no Oppositelock. And we know you guys did what you could to keep us around as long as possible. It’s a bummer, yeah, but the community will live on in one form or another. Read more

11/11/20 3:25PM

That argument about copyright has me worried the comments are next on the chopping block.

10/06/20 11:08AM

The other big advantage to this approach is converting highway gas stations/rest stops for pumping hydrogen is fairly feasible, probably more so than making them into charging stations. Read more

10/06/20 9:47AM

This. Trucking industry needs to have no range limits. Local deliver, sure, works all day long. Long need unlimited range. A driver can drive for 11 hrs. At 60mph, thats 660 miles before a driver change. A number of carriers utilise two drivers for around the clock transport. One sleeps while the other Read more

9/23/20 7:29PM

A car with a boring silhouette, Camry TRD rear end and the worst front bumper I’ve ever seen on a car is not close to being good looking.