Jan 8

Originally, I was thinking about dropping $6k or so on an already-imported example by the Import Guys out in Washington. But I thought if I were going to drop some serious cash on a Kei car, I’d want it to be the exact one I want. So, I moved to the importer idea that Oppositelock suggested. Read more

Nov 19

Vague racism and imperialistic tendencies arent the author’s complaint about the show though, aren’t they.

Nov 19

A Chris Harris version/continuation of Alain de Cadenet’s Victory by Design would be great.

Nov 19

I don’t care if it’s the same old thing. It’s the same old thing that keeps bringing me back for the 10 years I’ve been watching their various shows, reading their books and following their antics. I even paid for motor trend TV to rewatch the old TG shows.

Nov 11

A bunch of Oppos are looking at hosting the archive off Kinja somewhere. We’ll have to wrangle the archive itself into a different format (WordPress or some other non-Kinja CMS), but we want it up. Read more

Nov 11

This made me very sad to read, as a community we really appreciate the kind words though. We’d love nothing more than to stay here an active part of Jalopnik. Read more

Nov 11

I said this exact thing before.

...that is to say, I expect you to pay me a percentage for every star your comment gets

Nov 11

That argument about copyright has me worried the comments are next on the chopping block.

Nov 6

As someone who’s legitimately excited about a Biden presidency, the notion that having ‘a different old white man sitting behind the Resolute desk’ would somehow make the ‘worst people’ ‘go away’ is... a bit much to take in a PS5 review. And kind of creepy, honestly. I’m not saying there’s no reason to feel that way, Read more

Nov 3

It is, but as a delivery system for a cannabis tincture/syrup, it’s brilliant. All of the drink in the books would most likely lend themselves well, especially if the syrup/FECO was strain specific, allowing matching of flavor notes. Still requires some serious effort.