Jan 22

Don’t listen to hdefined2, they’ve commented at least 5 times on this article that they would rather personally witness something devastatingly horrible than play this game. Kudos to them for sticking to their guns, but it’s a fun game regardless. Read more

Jan 22

The thing about FFXV has always been that it’s about the journey, not the destination.  The story is about the bond of the bros and the bullshit you do with them.  The depressing as shit main story is just an aside.  And I loved almost all of the 150 or so hours I dumped into it for all the side quests and the Read more

Jan 22

The best part about the opening is that it completes a circle for the game’s story and your experience with it. After you beat it and experience the ending, coming back to the beginning again is so much more powerful and emotional. It’s such a simple, humdrum way to begin a story, but it is perfect for this game and Read more

Jan 21

about a hundred people are about to wonder if they’re at least a LITTLE queer right now:

Jan 15

Even better, the moment the scene returns to your control, you get a notification/tutorial pop-up that tells you about going to barbershops.

Jan 12

if he didn’t want me to fuck the monster he wouldn’t have made him HOT

Jan 11

Man I think irony died that day.  You can't make this shit up.  A cop beaten with an American flag?  A woman crushed while flying the Don't Tread On Me flag?  A heroic officer named Goodman?  Man reality is getting heavy handed with the metaphors.

Dec 22

It’s amazing to me how much changing your habits and getting out of a situation where it is hard not to drink can help with controlling drinking. A couple of years ago I was really struggling with drinking too much and then I moved in on my own and could choose not to keep booze in the house which helped. What also Read more

Dec 21

I can absolutely understand more drinking over this last year. I mean, if I drank, I’d CERTAINLY be day drinking on the reg. I KNOW my THC tolerance has taken a jump over the last year. I don’t think anyone could fail to empathize with that. Read more

Dec 16

I was just thinking how CDPR the little indie company that could, champion of the great unwashed gamer masses, integrity incarnate, has somehow managed to become the Konami/EA/Activision of 2020 with impressive ease. 

Dec 14

Child porn is wrong, and should not be available anywhere. But this isn’t about child porn, its about stopping porn in general. The anti porn activists are using child porn as their reason because nobody can argue against it without sounding like a pedo. But the people doing this don’t care at all about child porn. If Read more

Dec 8

It isn’t ridiculous or outrageous or even that unusual: a sandwich. But what a sandwich it was. From the now lost-to-us A.G. Ferrari in San Francisco: the roast beef, baby greens and gorgonzola-pine nut spread on rosemary focaccia. Sweet Baby Moses in the Bull Rushes, there was a sandwich. Yom Kippur was the day, “Sere Read more

Dec 7

they’re gonna keep making shit about this series until it becomes the usual mediocre soap drama right?

what a waste, S01 and s02 wrapped perfectly, no more ovas o series were needed.

Dec 5

“You only watch like 3 movies a year, why are you even still paying for this service?"