Oct 16

Look...Ian...I mean this in the nicest way possible, and I say this as a fellow progressive who has tried to get people to vote for Bernie twice in a row, and this isn’t directed at you specifically but at the group you are currently representing with this article...but please, shut the fuck up. Read more

Oct 15

So your take is that Americans eat too much sugar, when your original complaint was that an American coffee shop didn’t know that you wanted DOUBLE SUGAR in your coffee? Your sense of inferiority is really showing...

Oct 15

I remember having pizza from a local joint as a child and loving the mushrooms, especially the texture. As an adult living in a different state I tried it a few times, and didn’t really like it. Never having purchased canned mushrooms I just couldn’t put my finger on how they got the texture that way...and now it Read more

Oct 15

but they do not leak liquid like fresh. The excess water is easily shaken off of a canned mushroom. It makes perfect, logical sense

Oct 14

Maybe it’s my 2020 Covid brain just looking at the bad side of everything but I worry letter one may not be telling the whole truth.   There is a fine line between super organized and controlling. 

Oct 8

This article (and comment section) needs more cat pix so here’s Birdie and Bogey snuggling (We’re freezing hooman! FREEZING!)

Oct 7

To date, the ending of Final Fantasy 9 is the only part of any video game to have made me cry. My best friend was there (we actually played the final battles 2-player, in case people didn’t know you could do that), and before you know it there were two 16-year-old boys crying in my living room.

Oct 1

The problem is that she has enormous reach and gives transphobes a sense of legitimacy. She galvanizes transphobes and helps transphobia seem like a mainstream and reasonable position, leading to extremely harmful legislation. It’s something the UK is struggling heavily with right now. Her reach extends way farther Read more

Oct 1

Downplayed, but vital: Cartman performs a selfless act, which is immediately undone by Garrison/Trump.

Sep 30

Read the person’s comment history, it’s just a long list of entries about how they don’t see this or that as bad and a lot of comments about The Root hating white people and how the way to stop deaths at the hands of police is “don’t run”...

Sep 23

Tuna is expensive. The police should show more appreciation for the support.