10:39 PM

Yeah. I’n happy for them but their proximity to white or culturally ambiguous emphasizes just how much that look is valued in the media. Certainly not helped by the one that sparks comparisons to Christy Turlington or Jessica Biel. “White girl dipped in chocolate” or cafe au lait is always preferred in fashion.

5:05 PM

Nah, he looks white, he'll be alright. He'd have to come in with 17 different guns in one hand and a grenade mid-launch in the other for them to actually shoot him.

4:09 PM

So, because of an attempted assassination of a political figure in another country, it's okay for you to creep on a stranger? By that logic, I can run you over with a '76 Jeep Cherokee, because...drone strikes?

6:39 PM

Sorry, but when you use the phrase "real women" as a way to refer to "average women", you're just as guilty as the people who hold up models as an ideal of beauty. If you need to denigrate a group of women as "not real" versus another group, then you're missing the point.

4:20 PM

I guess it depends on whether you're sure the person is a genuine better fit, or you're suffering from "grass is greener" syndrome. I've never ended a serious relationship because I felt someone else was a better fit (it never came up), but that was part of my ex-husband's motivation for ending our marriage. We were Read more

3:39 PM

My mom had lunch (when she was 7 months pregnant, high risk pregnancy too) with the woman my dad was cheating on her with. She asked her to please leave the situation and let her and my dad finish the pregnancy. My mom told her, if they split up after that, whatever. What's done is done. Read more

3:35 PM

Absolutely agree. If people weren't pressured to value monogamous relationships over non-monogamous relationships or being single and having casual, nonexclusive things, there would be less cheating. But there would still be some garbage people who like to cheat because they like the power trip of having a partner Read more

3:19 PM

People who help others cheat are gross and lack personal ethics. That's just a truth.

3:11 PM

One of my best girlfriends (not me, I SWEAR, this isn't a sitcom where I talk about a "friend" but I'm really referring to myself) recently finally ended a 2-year relationship with a married guy. She wasn't the one married to him. Read more

8:44 PM

Not about the film specifically but ITW generally: This was the first version of the Cinderella story I ever came across where the stepmother and stepsisters were conventionally attractive. I still remember how thunderstuck tween me was watching the VHS of the original Broadway production that afternoon at school, Read more

5:59 PM

Also, his attempted murder of a teenage girl included some really fucked up sordid details - like the 16 year old in Virginia being found naked, raped, covered in bleach and burns. He did this to her within a week after having charges dismissed concerning a bomb threat he made. He had previously held his estranged Read more