3:05 AM

I kind of agree. It's not up to me to shape whether or not my partner will be considerate to his next partner in the future, so instead of having to reassure him that I enjoyed myself, and that yes he tries super hard and tell him that no matter what happened there was no way I could orgasm, I just fake it sometimes. Read more

12:18 AM

I think it speaks volumes how it's almost ALWAYS dudes who argue age of consent laws are bullshit...

2:08 AM

I hate when that happens. Tumblr is like *kitten pic, puppy pic, infograph, dick*

1:59 AM

I have to meet someone in about an hour but I reeeaaallly don't want to go right now. I just KNOW I will make a complete and utter ass of myself with my anxiety and awkwardness over everything I do. And it will be embarrassing and awkward and shit and my life is already full of that. Bleh. Sorry to whine. I need to Read more

3:13 AM

Apart from the obvious being told by everyone that periods are taboo and icky, some guys just don't like the thought of blood in sex (even though menstrual fluid is more cervical mucus and stuff than blood but wahtever). One guy I knew actually didn't like it because he liked to cuddle afterwards and didn't want to Read more