Van Gogh's Good Ear
Aug 13 2019

Most characters in most movies are “only there to prop up someone else’s stories,” that’s why they’re called supporting characters.  Occasionally some of them are people of color, and in Tarantino movies they’re frequently historical figures.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

Aug 11 2019

From a neutral source: is Succession good or is it Ray Donovan that the AV Club has been hired to inexplicably lose their minds about?  Because I hear ZERO people extolling its apparently endless virtues apart from this site.  It’s like when they were pretty clearly getting paid to like Riverdale, except at least some Read more

Aug 10 2019

Good joke as always, but seriously how is “dancing to Prince on New Year’s Eve” not the go-to answer? “Auld Lang Syne” didn’t stand a chance.

Aug 10 2019

I remember partying as though it was that year. Technically, this was in 1982, but, like Prince, I didn’t obey things like causality or time.
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Jul 12 2019

I do not comprehend what you just wrote. I'm not a stickler for grammar or anything I just have no idea what point you were trying to come to here. 

Jul 9 2019

So we no longer get coverage for shows like The Magicians or the Fleabag reviews just stop mid final season, but we will get coverage for reality trash like Love Island? Read more

Jun 26 2019

I... I’m just not sure labeling people’s dating preferences as racist is the best road to go down. Women don’t like short guys,poor guys or fat guys for the most part either.

Jun 21 2019

It’s spetacularly dumb that they got the wrong company, but to me what’s even dumber is asking Amazon (or, you know, whoever) to “cancel” it. As if it were an ongoing show that we might see more of, rather than a limited 6-episode series that was released all at once, has already been viewed by millions of people Read more

Jun 13 2019

Just Christina Hendricks’ voice alone should bring it to PG-13.

Jun 12 2019

There are a lot of shitty Baby Boomer musicians you could have implicated here, but Springsteen is not one of them.

May 30 2019

I’ll never forget after watching that first episode thinking, “That was amazing but there’s no way they can keep up that quality throughout the season given that it’s on NBC.” But they did... for 3 seasons... ON NBC!

May 26 2019

Peep Show works because of Mitchell and Webb. The concept of two underachieving losers teaming up was old news in the 1920s, just putting two women in the roles and moving it to New York or Los Angeles means nothing to me. It’s not even that well known in the USA, why not just do something new?

May 23 2019

No they didn’t, not in the original broadcast. They did by the time it got to syndication but they didn’t bleep it from the original, nor did CBS bleep the word for years. I saw the movie Blazing Saddles on CBS and they didn’t bleep the word in that movie, either.  If it wasn’t on George Carlin’s 7 Words You Can’t Say Read more