Oct 27

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that when people say “I want things back to normal,” they’re part of the power structure that sees normal as someone else’s job.

Sep 29

Before 2016 I struggled with not wanting kids/ feeling pressure to have kids. But when I woke up the morning after Trump won my decision instantly solidified. I realized I do not live in the place I thought I did, and I certainly don’t want to bring kids into it. I don’t believe that we are headed in a direction that Read more

Sep 22

Yes I remember joining the outrage when this was statue revealed, and I’m embarrassed for myself now. All the things to be upset about, I chose to be upset about a statue that tourists obviously gain some inspiration from, especially families with girls. They don’t know any connection it has to corporations.

Sep 22

Meh. Symbols can be co-opted, and this one was co-opted the minute they placed her. No one who visits the city thinks of the statue as connected or relating to the financial industry. No tourist or resident looks at her thinks “Boy, isn’t Wall Street great for commissioning this?”

Sep 11

When I see Donnie Minor and all his accomplishments, all I can think about is how secure our future is while it’s under his watch. Read more

Aug 30

Is that picture the nazi that got shot? Or the nazi calling for justice for the nazi that got shot?

Aug 28

Her outfit suggested to me that she was body conscious, having maybe gained a little weight. But then I saw her look from three days ago, and it doesn’t look like it. I agree though! Her face looks puffy.

Aug 28

I’m so glad all of these government employees were here to protect me.
-A libertarian 

Jul 30

This is what baffles me as well. Ok be venal and greedy and want people to get back to work so you can look good and get re-elected not cuz you want to be a good president but because your gaping wound of an ego needs it. So shit, maybe ask people to make the least amount of effort and wear little paper masks when Read more

May 26

I started to type some long comment, but I don’t think I can put it any better than you did. Well done.

May 8

Point of order: without attempting to slut shame in any way, no one who has any kind of anxiety about disease transmission has unprotected sex with a porn star they just met. I’ll be the first to say that porn stars are people too, and they deserve to have a sex life outside of their job. But they also understand, Read more

May 8

I’m not convinced Trump hasn’t tested positive. He’s the kind of piece of human garbage that would absolutely pretend not to have been tested positive to downplay the severity of the situation.

May 8

HAHAHA, as someone who spent her first 2 years as a mom in Tampa, I’ll confirm--you nailed it.  I couldn’t believe how *done* the mothers of young children were for even the most casual of get-togethers.  That, combined with blanket conservatism without actual knowledge about issues.  Nice winter weather aside, I Read more

May 7

You win. The only thing I could come up with was Stepford Wife caftans, for those days of bloat and bloody marys. 

Mar 31

I’ve been cutting and dying my own hair for the last 15 years. Of course, when I was a baby fox, I had.....inconsistent results. And there was the time around 22 when I almost fried all the hair off my head (it actually wasn’t nearly as bad as it felt at the time. If you do fuck up, feel the panic and let it go. It’s Read more