12:52 PM

Feel like this is no different for game industry artists. Would be cool to see those numbers!

12:18 PM

The third ‘act’ of Automata was rough. Just punch after punch after punch after punch. One of my favorite games of all time.

7:49 PM

This is often a problem I have with RPG’s. The main quest often involves world ending cataclysms that are on a timer. In reality, the apocalypse would draw closer and closer by the day, or hour in some cases. Lets look at Skyrim as a good example. Alduin is not just sitting around waiting, he’s going around Read more

5:34 PM

That's a neat solution to the problem. I also liked how Gravity Rush 1 and 2 handled it: if you stop to do a side quest at a point in the narrative where it no longer makes sense, a message appears telling you the quest took place earlier in the story when it would have made sense. It obviously wouldn't work for all Read more

1:04 AM

Listen, when you hire someone like Nimoy for Civ or Patrick Stewart for Oblivion, you know what you’re getting and you know that’s money well spent. These are legendary actors who rarely, if ever, give a bad performance.

When you hire someone like Ronda Rousey, whose acting career is...spotty, at the absolute best, Read more

11:00 AM

Thank you for the kind words!

Believe it or not, it only took me three days to pen the whole thing. My other design articles, by comparison, are usually a week in the making, what with all the example-gathering and research I have to do.

To answer your other question, I’ll admit that the Atomic Heart post stemmed from a Read more

11:30 PM

Wow, I haven’t heard mentioned in ages. That place was my go to after shut down. Thanks for the blast from the past. Here are my contributions:

2:38 PM

I find your lack of my favorite anime of 2018 on this list disturbing- why no Better Call Saul (or as I prefer to call it by its’ true Japanese title: 私はインターネットを使って、これを私が教育を受けた大学1年生のように聞こえるように翻訳しました。)

11:10 AM

If you want more info on simulating flocks or swarms, check this video series out:

5:47 PM

Great post highlighting a game i haven’t heard of, more pics tho?

10:59 AM

I think I take more notice of this when a game is too familiar. When you are playing a game you can pretty much predict the gameplay of because it’s similar to other games. Spiderman hit me hard with this. It’s a fine game. But the gameplay is such a familiar mix of Ubisoft and Arkham games that I haven’t felt as Read more

8:27 PM

My rule is that if that collectible isn’t costing me money that I’d use on food or bills, it’s an okay purchase. Sometimes stuff makes you happy. I found a toy chicken in Goodwill that plays the ‘Chicken Dance’. It cost me a dollar. Does it do anything useful? Is it a useful tool that makes tasks easier? No. But it Read more

9:58 AM

I like to buy figures every one in a while. I also wanted a collector’s edition for Fallout 76, but the orders were wonky for me. my most recent figure is a Hatsune Miku one, and my dad was confused why I didn’t buy a Super Sonico figure. Read more

3:10 PM

This reminds me of the post I just made about Bayonetta in TAY! There definitely is quality in everything, IMO. I think it’s a throw away to say everything is good and it’s just subjective. There are objective qualities in media and art that make things more good or less good or just plain bad. There’s also an Read more