Give Knox A Grant
10/09/19 2:17PM

Oh boy. I love my wife dearly and she has many many fine qualities, but she can not get the point of a story to save her life.

10/09/19 2:16PM

There is no defense against this. Once you’re caught in it, you’ve just gotta let it roll over you. Read more

10/05/19 3:11PM

Michael Burnham is still a Mary Sue who makes me sick to my fuckin’ stomach and Discovery still sucks monkey balls. The Picard thing looks intriguing and I’m willing to keep an open mind and give it a fair chance before I trash it unmercifully.

9/27/19 12:57PM

I could accept their idea, but only AFTER we (the human race) figure out if we can terraform Mars, and we (again the human race) decide that we intend to terraform Mars. Both of these hold for any other location either in or out of the solar system. Read more

9/19/19 12:29PM

Fleabag, and anyone associated with it, should win everything, in every category, even the ones in which they’re not nominated. I mean, I know it’s ostensibly a comedy, and all, but if you can look at the back half of Season 2 and say that Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford, and Andrew Scott didn’t do some of the Read more

9/17/19 9:48AM

Agreed with all of this, with one exception: if the captain/pilot tells you to to move, you move.
If they tell you to do the truffleshuffle, you do it.
Sue them afterwards and win big, but while on a airplane, the pilot is a dictator god. Same with the captain of a ship.
Document everything, get witnesses & video, and Read more

9/08/19 11:27AM

You can be a good writer and be full of shit at the same time! I’ll never forgive black intellectuals, scholars and writers like Mosley who help popularize that dreadful word. Read more

9/07/19 1:36PM

This is the weirdest weirdest boner post I’ve ever made.

9/06/19 11:24AM

To identify as a feminist is, of course, to merely acknowledge that all people are equal but that society is currently inequal.” NO IT DOES NOT AT ALL.

9/02/19 1:41PM

Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O‘Brien is too busy working to care about silly list.

8/30/19 2:25PM

I’m still using a SE which at this point is *very* dated. If they don’t announce a new one this year I’m going to bite the bullet and upgrade but it sucks having to move to a worse user experience just because every phone manufacturer has decided that everyone wants giant phones you can’t use one-handed.

8/30/19 1:38PM

Funny seeing people complaining about how dated the show the time it came out, there were a lot of think pieces about how cutting-edge it was, showing a then-new sociological concept, the “urban tribe” composed of the then-coming-of-age-and-mysterious GENERATION X, and how these characters did then-new stuff Read more

8/30/19 1:18PM

how is the whiteness of the cast problematic? is the overwhelming blackness of the cast of Blackish also problematic? I would say the overwhelming lack of talent in the Friends cast and writing team was more problematic.

8/29/19 4:53PM

What is so hard about it is that harassment doesn’t have to have any basis in fact. Read more