I am 37 and definitely becoming a grumpy old lady, lol.
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I’m also a non-American, and I’m not a Christian. I wasn’t sure how I felt when I sensed him starting to go “full-on preacher” (what I said in my head at the time) and when the organist started, I thought, “Please don’t sing.” Read more

I’m so glad that it’s not just me that finds this stuff entertaining...I’m Canadian, and our election politics run so smoothly compared to the US ones...
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I’m so glad my cats are stupid.
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No, that’s a valid question. Read more

Yeah. I’m currently seeing a specialist about a potentially having a sleep disorder, and one of his first questions was, “What’s keeping you from getting 7 hours of sleep a night?” Read more

I know, right? Every time I see picture of a moose, I’m stunned by their size.
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I didn’t realize that other peoples’ cats did this too. Read more

My father had books for my niece when we went to see her the day after she was born...because “She’ll grow into them. Kids need books.”
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Exactly. It just distracts from the real issues (which the Republicans accuse Obama of doing all the time and yet do constantly themselves).
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Why have Child Protection Services not swooped in on June Shannon and gotten those kids the fuck out of that house? Read more

Yes, thank you to all for explaining this. I'm Canadian and I've never understood it. Read more

I love this article. If you don't believe me, just ask me. Read more

Mark, your costume picture made me laugh for the first time today. It's...epic. Thank you. Read more

I'm one of the few, too. I've never liked Ghomeshi, for the same reasons you don't. I turn the radio off when Q comes on. Read more

Thank you, from one Canadian to another. Read more

And yet the gov't is doing its damnedest to shut the CBC down, apparently forgetting the significant amounts of free airtime that candidates get for campaigning during federal elections.

CBC radio was always on in my house when I was growing up. When I went into middle school, I couldn't tell you about any of the Read more