Schmusekatze is a ninja!
Jul 8 2016

That would remove Kirk’s inter species opportunities.

Jul 7 2016

I’m a member of TheLab in LA and the reality is quite boring. Just a group of scientists that created a new avenue to conduct research. They even created an international organization . I mean how exciting is it to watch a gel run lol.

Jul 5 2016

Perhaps he was always just a Chris Evans, he just happens to have a British accent so we assumed there was more depth. Read more

Jul 5 2016

I have just been told that Penny Dreadful seasons 1 and 2 are now available on US Netflix. The first thing I wanted to do was let Jezebel know. This message will be repeated over the coming weeks and moths. Read more

Jul 4 2016

Two very thirsty people spend a lot of time near water.

Jul 3 2016

I lost my husband seven years ago, let my house and my health go to shit, and I’m fighting my way out of it now with a combination of hard work and martial arts, planning things I want to make, and reorganizing my house to be a home instead of a rubbish tip for my stuff. I’ve thrown out something along the lines of Read more

Jul 1 2016

“All right, so we’re going to do The BFG to show off this amazing new mo-cap performance, The Jungle Book to show off amazing new animal fur texture designs, and Tarzan because I saw Skarsgård in the gym locker room and he’s just magnificent.” - Studio Execs, probably.

Jun 30 2016

That’s a really impressive video! I love the idea of Rihanna as this celestial superwoman, I love the look of the video and the effects too. Awesome! Read more

Jun 24 2016

I’ve lived and worked in Turkey, and highly doubt there would be any sort of rush to work in the European Union. The reason for the large Turkish population in Germany was that Germany literally imported them to rebuild after World War II (and then fairly well deprived them and their children of civil rights, Read more

Jun 22 2016

I was going to say “this is why beards make men look so generic”, but fuck, they all look really similar even without them. Do they all have the same hair stylist?