Schmusekatze is a ninja!
Jun 23 2016

They look so incredibly bland to me. Like those rice cookies without flavor that my mother used to eat when she was dieting.

Jun 20 2016

I was reading a military fantasy book and kept wondering why do the bad guys have very sweet cake on their faces.
Now I know.

Apr 13 2016

Me too! English isn’t my native language and was super worried about my reading comprehension.
Really worried.

Apr 12 2016

Stiles will stay! The actor said he will stay as long as the show is running. Plus, I think the sixth season is focusing heavily on Stiles and Lydia.

Apr 11 2016

10 years ago they were trying to teach me the mysterious ways of IF/THEN in highschool.
On paper.
Really, people? Really?
I didn’t know a damn thing and didn’t touch programming until last summer. Now I finally see what the hell they were trying to teach us.
Scratch really is fun, if you have time. And hugs to you Read more

Apr 6 2016

I have to catch up, just for Izzy and “Malec”.
I loved how they depicted Izzy from the start. She was really jealous and catty towards Clary in the first book so I am super glad they made this kind and fun character out of her.

Mar 25 2016

That said, I’m worried that we’re witnessing the end of what made io9 unique—a major sci-fi/fantasy blog that was founded by women, that features and values diverse voices and opinions, where a more diverse group of geeks could discuss representation issues. Read more

Mar 22 2016

I came here to unleash my rage because the antivaccination movement is spreading all over, but you just cooly cut the rage shit and just said it like it is.