Wagon Guy drives a Boostang
12:47 PM

I’m probably one of like, 5 people who are actually excited about this car. The Mustang SVO has always been my favorite Mustang as I am a lover of the odd, different, and unique when it comes to cars and this is probably the closest Ford will ever get to bringing the concept that was the original SVO back.

12:33 PM

I have an 03' Mach1 with a similar engine to the 99' Cobra (99' Cobra block, rotating assembly, with 03-04' Cobra heads). I whole-heartedly agree (and am admittedly biased as an EB tuner) as the experience of the S550 2.3L is refined, composed, and capable. It feels like a BMW 428i M-Sport, though a bit faster. I love

12:16 PM

While you can’t get it exactly on the base package, you can get the HPP and handling package for a $37400 sticker price (A point I wish they would have brought up in the article).  Not quite 35k, but a bit closer.

12:00 PM

Yeah. I have a 16 Mustang EcoBoost PP, and it’s a fun car and has 10x the charisma in looks over the 2 series but I’ll be trading it for a 235/240 Msport when I get the chance in a year or so.

9:52 PM

Nothing? Nada? You’ve literally never seen anything that he wrote, produced or directed that you thought was good?

7:17 PM

He also probably should have gotten the vehicle license plate number, maybe the name of the company on the door, or something to identify the truck for the police and insurance, unless of course he got that but didn’t post it online to prevent Internet randos from harassing the company. However, this guy didn’t seem

4:39 PM

That is perhaps the WORST film technique that I have ever seen.

6:17 PM

I’m part of the I.T department, and in our Gold mine, only company owned and managed equipement is allowed to access our network. And the printers are in our network.  This is the correct strategy security wise, might seem overkill, but as an I.T professional you can’t trust what you don’t manage.  

11:40 AM

Honestly, without Batman to play off of, the Joker is just another murdering psychopath. American Psycho in clown makeup. I just don’t see the point, and I have no interest in seeing this movie.

5:11 PM

I totally let my friends drive my cars. Sometimes, I even let them borrow my cars for extended periods of time. (If I’m going to be on the road for 1-2 weeks, why not let one of your friends drive it?) Like, my buddy K***** - one of the coolest dudes I know. He’s responsible, has a great sense of humor, and everyone

12:02 AM

The truth of the matter is that cars like this, as great as they are, are not for every person that can drive a car. I know I can handle a car like this, or even faster ones for a daily driver until the temperature drops and it needs to go in the garage for a couple of months, but for some car drivers, it’s too much.

11:21 PM

Make sure to sell if after six months and 2000 miles like way too many people that buy the GT350 do...lots of low mileage examples of this thing for sale despite every auto blog gushing non stop over it. Perhaps too harsh to drive every day on the street, but great for a one week review.

10:37 PM

People really do need to drive a fast S550 mustang.. they’re fantastic-driving cars. It drove better than the WRX, Chally SRT-8, G37S, SS, and Camaro I tested. Only one to make me giggle.  Get over the tribalism (I came from an IS300 and an M3) and just enjoy what Ford has created for us enthusiasts.

4:05 PM

As “F-U, I’m outta here letters go,” this one is pretty classy and filled with real evidence. Good luck, Megan!

10:53 AM

You need to change your click-baity title to “Dallas Taxpayers.” Texas doesn’t have state income tax.

8:52 PM

It’s a Rabbit, therefore, clearly they’re talking about Easter eggs.