Wagon Guy drives a Boostang
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As much as I love the three Indiana films (there is no fourth, there is no fourth....) I honestly think it’s time to leave them alone. Read more

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But we’re still driving outdated technology in the form of the ICE. I’ll gladly give up my antiquated transmission when I can realistically ditch the antiquated propulsion and electrics don’t need to change gear ratios at all, so that’s perfect. For the record, though, I’m obviously an outlier in that I think cars are Read more

11:00 AM

As a teen in the 2000s I also learned on one, and I drive a manual to this day.  I enjoy it.  I always have enjoyed it.  I don’t care that an auto can shift faster or save .2mpg, I prefer to be in control.  

10:17 AM

You guys! I did my small part to save the manuals and bought a 2019 GTI with one last week! I feel so proud. And it’s so much fun! The sad thing is is that it’ll probably be the last one I ever own, unless I’m able to have a third fun car one day. Gonna enjoy it for many years though!

9:57 AM

This is such sad news to me. I don’t know why I care, and I realize that there is no logical reason to drive a manual but I prefer it to the point that I have never bought an automatic.

6:11 PM

That Fit looks ridiculous.
The optimal wheel size depends on the size and shape of the vehicle. I can’t imagine 15s on my SUV or minivan. 

11:24 AM

As long as someone isn’t trying to pull into the spot on the other side it is totally fine.

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Police did not identify speed as a primary factor in any of the 14 fatal crashes on 75 mph freeways in 2018 Read more

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“We were definitely still trying to figure out a lot of stuff,” Brandon told The Rough Cut podcast. “It’s a struggle. It affected everything. About a third of the way through, Kathy [Kennedy] was like, ‘JJ has got to spend more time in the cutting room.’ And I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Not with the schedule Read more

5:22 PM

Dad and I finally took a road trip in his semi-ratty Caddy-powered ‘62 C-10 that we’d spent the previous four years getting roadworthy (wiring, interior, suspension, wheels, etc). Although this truck was really just a barhopper and parts runner for us before, we decided to really swing for the fences and do the 2019

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There’s too much we don’t know about Baby Yoda, so presenting any sort of theory is probably premature (pun intended). Is he a clone? Is he a hybrid? Is he a HE? How would those affect his/her development?

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Can we call them “Yoda years”? So if 50 human years is about 2-3 Yoda years, the oldest Yoda can actually be is 54 human years old. However, we don’t yet know how old Yodas are when they develop language skills — sure, we know approximately how old a human is, but a human lifespan is also, at most, 120 years (probably Read more

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As a TLJ hater, I assure you I take no pleasure in this. I want to like Star Wars again... But this whole new trilogy has been poorly handled. It’s not the actors, but the writing, directing, and production decisions are legit bonkers.  So much potential has been wasted.   

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I mean, everything you just listed convinced me that having a pet over a child was the right decision.
#Furbabies #FelineChild #Cheaper #LessStress #SelfCleaning

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Can the IIHS tackle DRL LEDs that are so bright the driver thinks their headlights are on even when they’re not? I run into this all the time now, because dashboards are always lit, even with the headlights off, and DRLs are so bright the owners think their lights are on. I’ve been stuck behind someone without their Read more

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If you have enough time and practice at the track, etc., you will hone your skills to the point where in a panic situation, you automatically do the right thing. Your reflexes at that point will be subconscious and you’ll just do what’s gotta be done. Maybe not 100% all the time, but close enough. Part of that is Read more

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Its super repetitive and derivative at time. So many slides, ropes that are imprecisely placed and hard to swing, narrow passages to walk through, enemies that pop out of the ground from behind you, narrow ledges, and a weak ass story full of contrivances to back track. Im bored of it 4 hours in.