Wagon Guy drives a Boostang
8:36 AM

I generally run two dedicated GoPros plus my normal dash cam. I always have this camera mounted under the bumper in place of the front license plate for autocross and depending on what I’m trying to work on I move the 2nd one around a bit. Sometimes it’s on a fender so I can see how close I get to the cones, sometimes

7:38 AM

The trick is that we walk the course several times first thing in the morning to get the lay of the land. That and the more you do it, the easier it gets to read the course.

8:41 AM

I didn’t put it in this writeup, but I did call that first dealer’s service manager and talk to him at length about my disappointment. Yes, if they had come to me and said, “this is what we found, but we won’t take the repair because of #mods” I would have been willing to pay the diagnostic fee and take it elsewhere.

7:33 AM

That echoes what their Service Manager told me. I had already planned on having to pay for it because of mods, I wasn’t going to argue that point, though I was willing to take it if they did it for free.

7:02 AM

It’s all about what the dealer is willing to do. I have had friends get long block replacements, under warranty, who were modified more than I am.

6:59 AM

We didn’t get the IS200 in the states, but yeah, I would think it would do OK at autocross or track days. Straight 6, rear wheel drive...

3:24 AM

Yes, they are. In general I feel like all cars are pretty much created equal. Every manufacturer will have absolute gems and absolute piles of crap come off of the same assembly line. In the end the dealer and how you’re treated by those service personnel that form most people’s opinions about the brand.

3:22 AM

Mishimoto Intake
Mishimoto Charge pipes
CPE Intercooler
Turbosmart Wastegate actuator
GoFastBits DV+ recirculation valve
Steeda throttle body spacer
3" High flow catted downpipe
Gibson catback exhaust
custom tune from adamtuned.com

5:43 PM

Sounds like my story. I bought a manual Focus and had zero problems with it. I knew about the issues with the Powershift trans before I bought though.

1:25 AM

If you’re going to tint your windows don’t cheap out. Get good 3M tint, it’ll last forever and has a lifetime warranty.