Feb 9 2017

They’re like drug dealers. You’ll never get rid of them as long as there’s a demand. Who the fuck are the idiots spending good money to own a signed ball cap or sneaker, anyway? Read more

Feb 6 2017

Next you’re going to tell me her real name isn’t even Lady Gaga. THIS IS HORSESHIT.

Feb 6 2017

It was disappointing to see Katie Nolan used only for a ridiculous Lady Gaga recap. God forbid they replace one of those mumbling, filled-with-warm-farts, retired football players who have literally never said anything of substance. Read more

Feb 6 2017

A still-unsolved mystery: Where did Lady Gaga go after finishing her performance by leaping from the stage and catching a football? Maybe she’s falling still...

Feb 2 2017

Josh Brown may dispute his ex-wife Molly’s claim that he hit her, but I think, looking at the evidence, that her accusations are pretty solid. In fact I’d say they’re unsinkable.

Feb 1 2017

This is more of a general statement, but David, I’m always, always, always so impressed with the depth, research and detail that goes into your stories. Well done brother, great stuff.

Feb 1 2017

Corvette Summer Vette was wayyyy wilder (and gaudier) than that one

Feb 1 2017

I’ll admit, this was my first thought whe I heard of the settlement. I wish I had read that paragraph more clearly, since I thought the buyout was only valid for the people who owned the cars when Dieselgate hit in September 2015.

Jan 31 2017

Say what you want about Colin Kaepernick, but when he made an overt political statement, he answered questions about it. Hell, since “balance” is so important, I’ll say even old Curt Schilling is willing to engage criticism about his expressed political beliefs. Read more