Apr 10 2018

Glad to see the USMNT’s own Michael Bradley leading the charge for Roma.

Apr 6 2018

At a bachelor party, after having quite a few drinks and finishing it off with a round of Irish car bombs, I ended up drop kicking a bar stool across the room. I did not intend to drop kick it, though. I was trying to jump on top of it but I jumped straight up and decided I needed to move my feet over it if I wanted Read more

Apr 6 2018

The UFC won’t sue him. Dana White is not going to sit for a deposition where he has to answer questions, under penalty of perjury, about how the UFC does business. Read more

Apr 6 2018

Even if he was paid, I doubt the guy who got glass in his eye agreed to that part.

Apr 6 2018

Good thing it wasn’t a work, because that guy who wound up with glass in his eye would be the next owner of the UFC.

Apr 6 2018

My favorite part of Williams bitching about getting his schedule in advance was him saying he’ll prepare best he can, right after he said when he’s told he’s not playing he just stays up late playing video games.

Apr 6 2018

Kimmel is a clever comedian who may or may not be to your taste. Hannity is a raving, lying demagogue who regularly calls for the denigration of, if not outright violence against, his fellow humans. Read more

Apr 6 2018

The Obama administration was wrong in continuing the illegal drone strikes started by Bush. This was a lost opportunity to reinforce the moral high ground that some Americans think we have. The result has been more torture and murder with a known lying criminal like Trump. War crimes need to be prosecuted.

Apr 5 2018

Lowell, MA...that makes sense. It’s fucking owned by the Mob.

Apr 5 2018

“The language they used in the committee was appalling,” Lewandowski said. “I’ve never heard such language used before.” Read more

Apr 5 2018

Someone get Corey his fainting couch! He may be a a man who physically assaulted a journalist, allegedly sexually assaulted a singer, and definitely cheated on his wife, but the use of foul language? Why I never!

Apr 5 2018

He’s the Trump of MMA. He’s an unapologetic clown and a racist and a moron who wallows in his own vapidness....But he’s white. And that’s specifically why so many people like him and why he’s impervious to consequences.

Apr 4 2018

We have another election seat coming up in 2020, I think. Hopefully the wave will be even bigger by then.