Ghost in the Machine
Jan 20

Actually they should pair with Starbucks, get your vaccine and then you can order off a special menu, bring back the unicorn mermaid nonsense. Read more

Jan 20

She not only has the pipes, but the whole orchestra, as she demonstrated at Superbowl 50.

Dec 6

Safe to say that at this point the Star Wars guys are treating the EU the same way the Marvel guys treat the comics — as a storehouse of ideas and characters that can be used as they see fit, rather than a straight adaptation of the material.

Dec 4

Hi all! Writer/EP for ALONE here. I’m happy to answer any questions, talk shop, or otherwise joke about the good/bad science of our scrappy little short film. And special thanks to Cheryl, and Gizmodo, for spotlighting us... We’re beyond grateful!

Nov 29

Such a massive loss. Whether they recast Tchalla or “retire” the character, it will always be moving forward in the shadow of a great man. 

Nov 18

The force—I believed in it as much as I believed in Buddha as much as I believed in God. I used to pray to all three Read more

Nov 17

I came very close to cropping the Tom and Jerry trailer to 1:1, desaturating it and whacking Hallelujah under it to post in response to this, but frankly, it’s bedtime. Although tiredness probably explains why I had the idea in the first place.

Nov 13

The show’s about Burnham, sure. But not *every* plot point has to revolve around her, either. The show’s about Burnham so much that it distills all the other characters into bare sketches. Read more

Oct 14

Literally one reason: Trump knows EVERY SINGLE ONE of his supporters will tune in and the only reason they will is to beat Biden’s “ratings.” That’s literally it. And then he’ll go on twitter to crow about it for 24 hours straight as proof that he is actually winning (and thus giving him more “evidence” that he’ll get Read more