Ghost in the Machine
Aug 3

The MagiKats never hit it big as a band though they did open once for the Honky Tonk Cats. But that wasn’t their real objective anyway. The MagiKats’ music and the intricate motions of the singer’s wand and flag were also part of an enchantment that kept felines in charge and humans docile. Read more

May 12

I’d use Keira Knightly as an analogy since she was only twelve years old when she played Padme’s bodyguard double (though if Padme was only supposed to be about 14 it makes sense that her double would also be young) and still a teenager when she did the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Apr 1

The worst thing is that it would have been easy to get us invested in the crew and there is even a model from TNG to use. Every few episodes show the folks who aren’t Michael Burnham doing something together a la the Enterprise poker game. That way they could slowly give us some backstory on folks like Airiam (cyborg Read more

Mar 2

You mention her appearance on Xena but ignore Cleopatra 2525 where she also played the leader of a trio of women?

Feb 10

If there’s another set of Short Treks they need to do at least one about Laris and Zhaban at the Chateau.

Nov 4 2019

I assumed the breakout from Arkham was the incident from the Elseworlds crossover so we know about when Batwoman currently is in the Arrowverse timeline.

Oct 23 2019

Why did I click on that video? Even jumping straight to the eight minute mark I could almost feel my IQ dropping as the video played. Here’s the eyeball shot so you don’t have to suffer the same fate.