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I have a somewhat irrational dislike for Lea Michele... Read more

They had to wait for someone to leak it. Read more

please be true please be true please be true please be true please be true Read more

be nice and we’ll remove the restraints that keep you from reading something else Read more

Jude is right. I’m not living. I am not even human. I am a spirit who only briefly takes corporeal form to post Harry Styles gifs on Jezebel. Here’s the secret: it may not be living, but it’s wonderful.

pictured: chemtrails.

Ship fuel can’t melt steel hulls. Read more

My husband once pissed me off before a flight. I stared out the window in silence for three hours, out the bus window for one hour and then through a 30 minute information session at the hotel, before finally continuing our fight once ensconced in our room. These people need to be sentenced to a rage repression Read more

Threats need to be taken seriously but I’m not sure how much of a threat this woman is. Read more

I feel bad for this guy who has to keep defending the existence of his murdered son. It’s scary how many people are going after him and threatening him. That must be horrible. Read more

Can someone please explain to me why people believe Sandy Hook (and others) did NOT happen?? What is the point of the denial? Read more

Being in a relationship with someone who has bipolar and is unmediated can be devastating. It feels impossible to stay and impossible to leave. Never thought I’d feel so much empathy for Kim. Read more

I’m glad that the law has finally stopped looking the other way with this bullshit. Read more

Ugh, Lena Dunham:

DAMN YOU JOHN LEGEND AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL SONG ABOUT LOVE. I was doing a pretty good job of holding it together until I watched this damn music video. Ugh for the love of crock pots my face is LEAKING. 😩 Read more

With you. I scrolled back up to make sure I had not been confused in my understanding that this was an adult woman. Nope.
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Are kids getting shittier as human beings, or does advancing technology offer more options for them to be shitty, or are we simply more aware of their shittiness due to said tecnology? All three? Read more

He is not a monster, just a man that really screwed up and has been paying in many ways.” Read more

Oh for fucks sake who gives a shit? Excuse me if I can’t be bothered with how the supermodels of the 90s weep for what (may or may not have) happened to their “craft.” Read more