I’d be genuinely surprised if the Chosen One trope survives this cultural moment. The whole notion of one person who can solve every problem seems utterly perverse and narcissistic. Read more

Jun 30

I remember liking the 2007 movie for what it was. This scene, especially. 

Jun 30

I appreciated that TMNT was a self-contained story that didn’t involve the Shredder, which is unusual in Turtles film and television adaptations. The clincher for me, though, will be the character designs. The TMNT movie got the basics right, but if we can combine that with a couple concepts (but good lord, nothing Read more

Jun 29

Same argument applies to the fictional Trek teleportation. Sure, you use the same energy, but is it really the same person at the other end? People have been joking about the 1000 Kirks in Hell since the 60s. 

Jun 25

I have given birth to none. I have fostered seven in my home. I have financially supported two Africans throughout their childhood. I am auntie to none by blood, I am auntie to at least 10 otherwise. I have pics of Japanese, Ethiopian and Caucasian kids on my mantel right now. But I take great care NOT to elevate Read more

Jun 3

I’ll take Ezra over that dipshit they had as the main character in Resistance any day.

Jun 2

I am curious. Have you in your entire life since AVATAR heard anyone utter the words, “I can’t wait for AVATAR 2?” Me neither.

Jun 2

“Many of the foreign journalists appear confused about why cops would target reporters, something that typically only happens in strictly authoritarian countries.” Read more

Jun 1

I’d guess when you see it’s not moving out of the lane with a fucking overturned truck blocking it?

May 27

Most employers these days type names into Google just to see what comes up. Nobody in the financial services industry wants to hire an already-open can of worms.

May 27

This. Threatening him with his race was her first fucking go-to. That shit’s In her DNA. Let her try to get It out on her own.

May 27

She will get past this. In a week or two, her gofundme will be at $200,000 KKK money despite her previous Barack Obama affiliations. Because she totally, secretly voted Trump.

May 24

Ah, moving the goal posts. First we needed to give you an example of a large ship in atmo. Now you don’t think a star destroyer bigger than a city counts as a large ship. Fuck outta here.