Oct 20

And now for all the regressive man children to puff their chests in comments...

Oct 5

Sony should leave Japan’s mappings the same and change the rest of the world. I’m real tired of confirm/cancel being opposite on Sony and Nintendo consoles

Oct 2

they won’t. Remember, the thing fueling anti-mask protest is fear. People are terrified of the notion that an invisible disease can cut you down, so they double down on conspiracy theories or anything that says they don’t. have to be afraid.

So if he really did get it? Oh it’s not that big of a deal.

And (god hoping) he Read more

Sep 30

It’s certainly a jarring decision I don't think anyone expected, but I'm sure I'll be fine with it. It's trading an off-brand Andrew Garfield for an off-brand Tom Holland, so it feels like a wash

Sep 28

The Haunting of Hill House still remains the one horror property that not only creeped me out, but also made me ugly cry and empathize with the characters in a way that I was not prepared for. Read more

Sep 25

BACK IN YOUR DAY games were exponentially cheaper and less complex to develop. Signed, a retired 16-bit era developer.

Sep 18

I’ve been screaming about this for the last year. I loved RBG. She was the best justice on the court in a generation, but her stubbornness and pride have put us in this horrific situation. There was no shortage of Op-Eds in 2009-2014, plus god only knows how many people behind the scenes urging her to retire while Read more

Sep 18

Simple: if they fill the seat and Democrats win the Senate back in November, they change the size of the court to 11 the instant Biden is sworn in. If Republicans are going to be this venal, that needs to be the threat.

Too bad they won’t do it.

Sep 18

I am just going to say this but she should have retired in 2014 when the Dems still held the Senate and she knew she had end stage pancreatic cancer. She was an icon but that doesn’t mean she didn’t fuck us totally by not stepping down. 

Sep 16

I mean, it was strange, but hardly surprising. There’s just unfortunately a segment of nerd culture that reacts very badly whenever anyone tries to make a change that will expand the audience of a niche interest. And I get it. I was a nerdy video game fan that went through the era where suddenly dudes who hadn’t been Read more

Sep 16

The topic of wheelchairs in RPGs was the source of an argument a few weeks ago on Twitter, presumably in relation to this, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was just baffled by why people would have a hard time with it. It’s a world of magic, surely there are any number of explanations that are perfectly Read more

Sep 14

Wow! Well, given the company it’s from, I’m still very suspect as to whether the actual game itself will live up to the kind of expectation that this trailer sets up, but it’s damned good work!

The CG is superb. It’s very well edited and the camera angles make it easy to follow the action which is beautifully Read more

Sep 9

Jenny Nicholson quote: “I think the worst thing a franchise ending can do is make you feel kind of stupid and embarrassed for being so excited for it in the first place.” Read more