Was für ein Arschloch
Dec 14

This! It’s unfairly compared/dismissed as a copy in a way that I don’t think would happen were it a European marque (like virtually every other GT car of the era was styled and it was designed by a German to boot!). It’s a lot smaller than the E-Type, the proportions are better, the detailing is completely different Read more

Dec 10

They just need to sell Ford loot boxes. For $100 a pop you can open one and hope that it has an option you want for your vehicle. It will mostly be terrible paint colors and ugly plaid patterns for your seats, but you can always hope.

Nov 18

Aw, look everyone the old racist fart “doesn’ wike dis new Boomers thing...” Yeah neither does a defenseless child like being picked on ya bag of rancid vanilla pudding. You may proceed to suck a dirty dog’s dick. The dirtiest, mangiest of dogs. In your mouth. Suck it.

Nov 11

Don’t most modern cars have brake override? Granted it doesn’t cut all the power from the engine, but under hard breaking especially (as you describe) the brakes will win out.

Nov 6

There are people right now worried that they’re not going to live long enough to take delivery of their pre-ordered C8.

Nov 4

Your uncle/cousin/friend on FB who kept nagging you about the upcoming Bronco is probably freaking out right now. Read more