Be Good Gerdie
Apr 13 2015

Granny Panties are the BEST so I am LOVING this trend. Finally my underwear drawer full of hanes full coverage briefs are HIGH FASHION.

Apr 2 2015

One of those told me that he has more experience in our field than anyone on our company’s management team (of which I am a member). I have been in “the field” since he was an undergraduate. My female boss even longer. Another female colleague on the committee has the same number of years as he does. The only ones Read more

Apr 2 2015

At a recent newsroom meeting where editors were debating whether I should travel to a city 7 hours away for a story, my younger male colleague (sports desk) baldly informed the room that this was terrible idea since “ChaseOM is a terrible driver!” Read more

Apr 2 2015

I work in education, specifically special education, so this isn’t usually an issue at my school site, though I have seen instances where, say, a male psychologist on the team insists that he is the only person who makes eligibility decisions, when in fact those are team decisions. Read more

Apr 2 2015

i’ve had musicians look really uncomfortable at the prospect of working with me (i’m a sound engineer) Read more

Apr 2 2015

I work for a big utility company in a technical position, and I am one of 6 women in a group of over 30 people. The majority of the company’s 23,000 employees are male, and the overwhelming majority of women in the company work in administrative support, clerical, or other non-technical roles. The culture can be Read more

Apr 2 2015

Ah, yes. When I was hired, the job description said X amount of money. I got less then X, tried to negotiate, and was told in a year I would be bumped up. In a year, I got rave performance reviews and told I was doing everything perfectly. However, all of a sudden, “Nobody gets raises or promotions” before 2 years. Read more

Apr 2 2015

I edit a beer magazine so me and the SO go to beer bars and breweries quite a lot. Every single time the bartender will strike the conversation up with my SO about beer styles, trends, etc. and he’ll have to gesture over to me with while saying “I dunno, I don’t know much about beer. She’s the editor of xxyy magazine. Read more

Nov 17 2014

I haven't heard that in YEARS. Will be calling someone that at the exact moment such a situation presents itself.

Nov 3 2014

When I was in college, my roommate and I went to some Halloween party with a girl from our dorm. The next morning, she comes walking up to the common area still in her eighties-prom outfit. We asked her where she ended up staying the night...she lifts up her dress to reveal her yellow thighs and says "Bart Simpson Read more

Nov 3 2014

Sames. If dudes want to be pregnant, have at it.

Oct 30 2014

Mark, "epic proportions" would mean the both falling and him getting impaled on her bouquet or her getting her eye gouged out. This is not epic. This is just people falling.