4/01/15 1:35PM

If you don’t get body-colored leather air vent slats, honestly, don’t bother buying a Porsche.

4/01/15 1:28PM

It’s sad that I can’t actually decided if those are reasonable options on a Porsche or not.

4/01/15 1:00PM

building porsches is the most aggravating process. every single option requires canceling or changing another option. Adding yellow bolts requires removing leather stitched battery cover

1/27/15 9:57AM

Yeah, he had it custom made in the 50s and could re-fit it under the dash in later cars. A single push of a button and 3 seconds later a lit cig would pop out like a mechanical pez dispenser. The whole family still talks about it to this day.

1/27/15 9:39AM

This is basically the car my wealthy great gramps drifted around Manhattan and surrounding areas through the 60s and 70s. At the first sign of snow, he grabbed his gloves and his Lucky Strikes (which had been fitted to an automatic lighter in the dash to keep up his 3-pack daily habit).

1/22/15 5:31PM

OK, so first they need to make a rival to the 3-Series sedan, then make a coupe version of the sedan and sell it as a separate model, then make a 4-door version of the coupe, then a long wheelbase version of the 4-door version of the coupe for China.

1/22/15 1:06PM

Is this one of those new Mazda SkyActiv cars?