9/13/15 5:51PM

I’m surprised no one said Nardo Grey

9/06/15 7:35PM

Completely disagree, I leased a 2014 Infiniti Q50 when it it just came out for 150$ a month tax included with $2500 drive-off (Including tax and registration). 2 year lease which I have already extended and plan on keeping for another year, please explain to me how purchasing this vehicle would be smarter? I don’t Read more

1/27/15 6:50PM

seriously, might as well take advantage and have small drifts right?? Im sure it's never killed anybody, it happened often when I was in Russia, but that's Russia.

1/27/15 4:16PM

Not a bad price all things considered. Next time I see someone in a R32, I'll make sure to bug them about how they got it registered in California. I also can't wait to see how many people bug you when you're driving around in the R32 (especially the younger car crowd). "Is that a real Skyline bro?!" One of my buddies Read more

1/27/15 3:52PM

The California portion is very interesting. I have seen many R32 Skyline GTRs in the Los Angeles area. Wonder how they got them in... Most of them Ive seen a few years ago so they didn't even pass the 25 year rule (even saw a R34 GTR twice with California plates)... Hmm wonder how that worked.

1/22/15 7:04PM

let's hope they make a regular version for the masses with a turbo 4 and 6. Would be lovely

1/22/15 4:05PM

It all depends on the price of which they lease you the car for, if its well below MSRP (a price at which people finance the car for) then it isn't a bad choice. I have never leased a car without talking down the MSRP which will decrease the payment and the residual value, which is much better if I ever want to Read more