It's Dangerous To Go Alone!
11:29 AM

Haven’t visited in a long while but I owe many friendships to TAY so I figured it’d only be appropriate to come pay my respects. Also.... fish you say...

6:58 PM

The online for MHW is pretty flawed and I wouldn’t be surprised if people stopped playing it because of how poorly implemented lobbies were. Playing with friends was damn frustrating enough that I finished the entire game early just so I could play with my friends who were new to the series! Also took massive

11:19 AM

Classic Kinjaaaa. I’m also game for anything! Hopefully we get new modes and characters announced closer to release.

10:59 AM

Hiya! Yeah Smash Ultimate has most of my hype for the rest of the year. I am still coming down from the high of that King K Rool reveal. Heck they just uploaded that amazing Gangplank Galleon arrangement!

10:57 AM

Yeah... I used to take sleeping pills in high school because I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days at a time. I got tired of being so dependent on them though so I ended up quitting them all together way back when. As much as I don’t want to go back to that I find that I might not have much of a choice. Read more

10:44 AM

Yeah iono how many games I’ve got left in me for this year. Next year as soon as January hits i am 250 dollars poorer.  

6:33 PM

Floating constructs are a thing because its Octarian Tech... I’m not sure how many times they say it through both games but it certainly is there. If the story was that the Octarians had taken over Inkopolis then yeah maybe you’ll get some of the environments you want. But as far as both these stories are Read more

7:20 PM

You know... I never even considered that I could leave them be. Ah well... I suppose when it releases I’ll have my chance to play the good Kangaroo Wrangler.

6:17 AM

Uhhh... I was at the Orchestra World Tour in LA thing. I just think they announced it as Nomura announced it to the crowd. Also showed footage of some stuff not seen yet.

5:26 AM

Agree with everything said here. Though it wasn’t the most challenging game ever, it did give a ton of insight into the world of Pokemon. Detective Pikachu as a character also had so much charm that I went out to buy the amiibo as well. I also really liked the variety of pokemon used! It seems like they tried to give Read more

8:25 PM

Whole buncha people here who haven’t ayed Tropical Freeze and say it’s impossible for it to be the best. At the very least DKC2 and TF are equals...

8:19 PM

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you haven’t actually played this game. You only saw video and decided ya knew all about it.

2:26 PM

Still hoping the Orchestra goes global at some point :( With Square Enix showing there’s a market willing to see an orchestra and World’s popularity I hope that it’ll happen within the next couple of years.